YouTube has allowed people to make a profit by doing what they like the most. Cooking, playing video games, practicing sports, doing tutorials… But the truth is that many of them take advantage of this chance to undertake their own projects. How so? Many also use YouTube to perform crowdfunding. And today you’ll meet several youtubers who have done so.

Youtubers and crowdfunding

The truth of youtubers is that some are better known than others. But what they share in common with each other is that they have very frequent audiences and that their sole opinion catches the interest of people. We’ll then show you a list of some of them who decided to start a crowdfunding campaign. With quite peculiar results.

Elegancia 2.0

Bere Casillas is a famous businessman and tailor who uploads content about tailoring and garments. He owns the Elegancia 2.0 YouTube channel. He’s also known for his great abilities in this area. One of his most famous videos is one where he teaches how to make a Windsor-style tie knot successfully. Casillas is known as “the youtuber king of tailoring” and this platform has undoubtedly allowed him to extend his work.

He launched a crowdfunding campaign in order to expand his business internationally. For which he asked for €170,000. His plan is to establish specialized clothing stores for men and serve as an independent personal shopper.


Of Japanese origin, Hikaru is a youtuber with a strong fanbase. The thing is that through a platform which works in a similar way to crowdfunding, he managed to make a fortune. What happened? Hikaru made an account on this website that allowed him to sell chips (shares) within it.

These chips or shares are even interchangeable for bitcoins. So without thinking twice, Hikaru used his influence to raise the price of his shares. Which he sold for a total of $500,000 in bitcoins. Although he was criticized for this, he defended himself by saying that it wasn’t his intention to take advantage of the platform. And legally he had not committed any crime.

Bria And Chrissy

Chrissy Chambers and Bria Kam are a duo of singers and youtubers famous for their videos of their daily lives as a lesbian couple. They’re known on YouTube as BriaAndChrissy. In 2013, Chrissy’s life took an unexpected negative turn when an ex-boyfriend of hers distributed intimate footage of them both together throughout the Internet. Said material was recorded and published without Chrissy’s consent, which caused her severe anxiety and stress. After making up her mind, she began a legal battle in order to bring this matter to justice.

As expected, said battle involved a lot of financial expenses for both girls. But since they’re both talented musicians, they decided to start a crowdfunding campaign by writing and producing music. Requesting £20,000 to pay court costs. However, thanks to the great support of their fans, they managed to raise almost £30,000. Chrissy also won the legal fight against her ex-boyfriend on a high note. Turning her into the first person to promote the creation of laws against revenge porn in the UK.

She also acquired the copyright of all the distributed footage, which gives her the right to always ask for it to be taken down when necessary. After winning the trial, Chrissy proposed to Bria outside the court and she joyfully accepted. We couldn’t have asked for a happier ending!


The most famous youtuber in Chile. Vardoc is undoubtedly one of the most recognized YouTube characters in his country. With more than 1 million subscribers, Vardoc found himself in certain economic problems during 2017. Which led him to start a crowdfunding campaign that instead of helping, ended up causing him many problems. He argued that his ignorance of the platform had something to do with it. But the truth is that he practically tried to sell his friendship in exchange for money.

He created a list of “perks” where he offered to (in exchange of a certain amount of dollars) to follow you or allow you to talk to him through social media. For $25, he could add you on Facebook or follow you on Instagram. But the worst was when he offered people to become his friend (with phone number and WhatsApp included). All for $50 dollars. As you can imagine, in the end he had to close the campaign due to all the controversy it caused in the media.

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Who will be the next youtuber in crowdfunding…?