Bright, full of talent, adventurous and hardworking. These would be appropriate adjectives to describe many young people in Latin America. Who haven’t stayed with all the potential but have exploited it as far as they could. And through this have emerged companies, businesses and innovative ideas that are changing the world. Let’s get to know 5 young Latin American entrepreneurs who made a difference.

5 young Latin American entrepreneurs that will surprise you

The countries of Latin America have gone through crises, economic problems in their societies. This is possibly the reason why many young people have decided to take initiative and offer solutions. How…? Through ideas that became more than a business, a way to help their countries. These young Latin American entrepreneurs are gaining international recognition:

Pedro Aguilera from Chile

This young student of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile is 29 years old and is disabled. He has to use a wheelchair and during a stage of his life, he had to go through rehabilitation. During this period he looked sadly at other disabled people who were in worse conditions than him. That led him to create an application that’s responsible for analyzing the posture of a person sitting in a wheelchair, to avoid ulcers or injuries.

It’s called Prev UPP and works through a small cushion on which the patient sits. Then said small cushion uses a series of sensors to detect specific pressure points. Subsequently, this information is sent to the user’s smartphone through the app. Issuing an alert in case of any unusual change. Pedro Aguilera hopes to commercialize the product to allow people with disabilities in their country and the world to benefit.

Prev UPP
Pedro Aguilera, the creator of Prev UPP. Source: ADN Radio

Arianna Salazar from Costa Rica

Do you know what urbanism is? It’s the science that studies the planning of cities, territories and human settlements. Taking this into account, there’s a need to know which are the best places to build main avenues, green areas and similar places. Based on information provided by BitSence. A technological service company co-founded by Arianna Salazar, 29-year-old Costa Rican urbanist.

Basically, it uses technology that passively detects people through signals emitted by their smartphones. On a scale of several blocks, tracing their movements within the radius of action. Which allows them to calculate how many people travel in a space, how long and how often they stay there and many other parameters. In order to analyze problems, collect information and offer solutions.

Arianna Salazar, chief scientist and co-founder of BitSence. Source: MIT Technology Review in Spanish

Anson Tou from Peru

E-commerce is undoubtedly one of the most remarkable forces in global business. However, its benefits and accessibility are usually limited to companies that tend to exclude or limit Latin American countries. As it’s the case of Amazon and Fedex. Faced with this problem, 26-year-old businessman and entrepreneur, Anson Tou, created an electronic commerce platform called Qempo.

What does this platform do? Its main objective is to create a venue for Peruvian buyers on the Internet and travelers visiting this country. In order to make international purchases and sales an easier and less expensive process in Peru. A Peruvian buyer gets in touch with a traveler who’s going to visit the country. The traveler buys a product desired by the buyer and brings it to them in exchange for a fee.

Ansou Tou, director and creator of Qempo. Source: Qempo

Agustina Fainguersch from Argentina

The battle against AIDS and HIV worldwide has been long and it’s still going on. Especially in South Africa, where one in five people between 15 and 49 years old suffer from this disease according to UNAIDS. One of the main problems is the difficulty in diagnosing it in this country. The Argentinean computer engineer of 27 years, Agustina Fainguersch, wanted to bring a solution through Muzi.

It’s an app that uses smartphones to offer an HIV test immediately. The person requests a medical examination through the app and a professional goes to their home and tests them. A photo of the test is taken, the app scans the patient’s fingerprint and the results are analyzed. It’s possible to receive the diagnosis anonymously in 15 minutes through a text message.

Muzi Tech
Agustina Fainguersch, computer engineer and co-founder of Muzi. Source:

Miguel Modestino from Venezuela

Miguel Modestino is a 31-year-old Venezuelan chemical engineer working in the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the University of New York. From there, he showed his concern about the excessive use of fossil fuels and the damage they cause in the environment. So this motivated him to look for a more sustainable and clean way to produce energy for chemical companies.

He designed solar reactors that, unlike traditional solar panels, can synthesize hydrogen, chlorine and nylon. There’s a big difference in effectiveness because the chemical processes are optimized to increase the energy contribution. With the purpose of creating renewable, clean and more eco-friendly energy.

University of New York
Miguel Modestino, chemical engineer and assistant professor at the University of New York. Source: NYU Tandon School of Engineering

These young Latin American entrepreneurs represent their countries abroad. And they carry the message that in our continent there’s a lot of talent and effort. With much certainty, they’ll manage to change the world.

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