You’ve heard everywhere how important entrepreneurship is. The need to create a business to be able to help the development of a country or one’s own. Everyone knows it, but few know that there’s an antithesis to this term. And the people who lead it are referred to as an “anti-entrepreneur”. What’s it about?

Defining what an anti-entrepreneur is

Before speaking, the word “anti-entrepreneurship” must be explained. This term doesn’t have a specific origin, but many experts in the business area use it. Especially to refer to attitudes and activities that are opposed to innovation, improvement and progress.

Anti-entrepreneurs can people who seem to be entrepreneurial. Or that are in a work environment where an entrepreneurship is being carried out. But they don’t contribute anything positive and basically describe everything that an entrepreneur should never be.

how to identify an anti-entrepreneur
An anti-entrepreneur is more than someone with an abusive attitude. It can be someone who brings absolutely nothing good in a project and that prevents its progress. Source: Safe At Work Coalition

In our world, they’re also known to be the kind of people who spread myths and lies about entrepreneurship. Unverified, false or simply useless information. On the Internet, it’s possible to find articles on how to identify these types of people.

Wherever they are, they’ll cause rejection because they’re individuals with whom it’s dangerous to work. Since according to experts, anti-entrepreneurs can become toxic and harm the development of a project or a person. Now that we know what they are, we must explain how to avoid being one.

Avoiding being one

The only thing that needs to be done is to identify the attitudes and activities that define an anti-entrepreneur. And change them later on. An article by Medium called “Ornithology of the Anti-Entrepreneur” explains that there are different types of anti-entrepreneurs. Using birds as a way to recognize them or their behavior.

First mention is the Peacock, who wants all the recognition and honor but is never there when needed. Then it tells us about the Penguin, those who don’t have the capacity to make sacrifices and who have no vision to work in a big dream. By now, you should realize that you have already met people like that.

anti-entrepreneurship definition
An anti-entrepreneur doesn’t offer new ideas and doesn’t have the maturity to recognize their mistakes. They don’t even understand the true meaning of the word “entrepreneurship”. Source: Exclusive Sedan

Pink Flamingo is also on the list, referring to those who cannot bear the responsibilities and hardships of being a leader. The Dodo, who doesn’t listen to anyone and believes themselves to be smarter than everybody. The Owl, who belittles others who aren’t as “experts” as they are. The Parrot, who have no voice of their own and always agrees with everything.

The list ends with two additional types. The Hawk, who always works alone and hates working as a team. And the Cuckoo, one of the worst, because they’re toxic narcissists who manipulate other colleagues and make them feel guilty of their failures. Each of them represents a facet of an anti-entrepreneur within society.

recognizing an anti-entrepreneur
In most cases, it’s difficult to identify an anti-entrepreneur because it can be someone close to us. And it’s even difficult for one to recognize oneself as such. Source: Business Insider UK

You shouldn’t only know how to identify and eliminate these traits in you, but identify them in other people and avoid working with them. Anti-entrepreneurs are one of the most damaging evils in the business world. And the reason why many startups, emerging businesses and similar projects don’t prosper. Be careful!

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Avoid becoming an anti-entrepreneur!