You’ll be able to realize that there are many terms applied to crowdfunding that we don’t know. One of them is soft launch, an activity recommended by crowdfunding experts. And it consists of publishing a crowdfunding campaign in a particular way. Today we’ll tell you what it is and how to use it.

A soft launch and its use in crowdfunding

It’s not something very sophisticated or scientific, so don’t worry. To explain it in a simple way, a soft launch consists of posting your campaign but only promoting it to your family, friends and network of close acquaintances. This’ll sound familiar, but there’s a difference in between.

This has a reason to be, the objetive is to raise 30% of the campaign’s goal as soon as possible. Generally, in 24 hours if possible. Basically, this is also done to comply with the “40% rule”. Something we had already talked about in a previous entry. However, a soft launch may have different schedules.

how to make a soft launch in crowdfunding
Experts agree that a soft launch can last between 24 hours, a couple of days or a week. Before a campaign’s official launch.

Doing so implies promoting the campaign in advance, to this immediate audience. Excluding completely a possible foreign audience that’s not related to us except for a possible interest in our idea. We seek to raise 30% of the goal through this to boost and validate the campaign to all.

This is where early birds or early adopters come in, namely, our first contributors and the first people who have faith in us. Among the early adopters you can find members of your family, friends and acquaintances of your network as we said before. How’s it done then…?

Doing a soft launch for your campaign

Practically, it’s necessary to perform a soft launch in order to comply with the 40% rule. To raise that percentage of the goal it’s necessary to resort to the immediate audience. First of all, determine who your early birds will be. As we said before, it can be your family, friends or anyone you know. But they must be related to you.

There are several ways to motivate them to contribute days before the launch of your campaign. You can use social networks or a blog to update and keep them informed. And detailing when will be the day you’ll launch your campaign and keep them excited. Another way is to create exclusive and attractive rewards for them.

feeling of urgency soft launch
It’s necessary to generate a sense of urgency in your early birds. Either through exclusive and limited rewards. Remember to be responsible and comply with deliveries.

Email is another method that’s openly recommended to encourage early birds. If you manage to get a mailing list from them it would be very useful. Inform your audience about the launch of the campaign a week before and during the morning it starts.

Make sure your family, friends and acquaintances help you reach 30% (or 40%) of your goal. The purpose is to achieve it in 24 hours and in less than 1 week. As you begin to receive contributions, appreciate the support, establish the date of delivery of rewards and stay active in social networks.

what is a hard launch crowdfunding
After the soft launch, the campaign can now be officially launched to begin viralizing and promoting it to everyone. Some call this phase “hard launch”.

You can perform your soft launch both on the Internet and off the Internet. And once you’ve raised 30% or 40% of your goal, it’s time for you to start going further and attract more people. Contact the press, apply marketing, contact influencers/organizations, etc. Soft launch can help any crowdfunding campaign even if it’s not commercial.

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Do a soft launch, and then make success!