Your crowdfunding campaign has just finished and you’ve reached your goal (or exceeded it), getting all the money you need. Hurray! Everything is fine and you see good signs, but then you ask yourself, and now what…? Do I start using the money now? Don’t rush, there are several things you should take into account when you finish your crowdfunding campaign.

Finishing your crowdfunding campaign

Achieving success in crowdfunding is a feat that not everyone always does. For those that are fortunate, it means they got the funding they needed to fulfill a dream or a particular goal. But once the money is obtained, does the whole process end? Well, not really. There are other things you should do after your campaign is over.

First of all, you should already know that in a crowdfunding campaign you must create a perk system. So for a certain amount of money you receive, you’ll grant a particular reward as thanks. Be it physical or digital products, made with part of the funds you collected at the end.

Regardless of what perks you offered, you must make sure you give them to those who contributed money to receive them. It’s important that as the creator of a campaign, you have responsibility and deliver what you promised no matter how much money you got at the end.

Remember that even if you didn’t reach your goal, you must fulfill the perks you promised and give them. However, this is not all you have to do once your crowdfunding campaign has been completed. In addition to delivering perks responsibly, you have to do other things.

Make an evaluation of the results

When you finish your campaign, consider doing an analysis of its outcome and what you got at the end. Did you achieve the goal? Only 70%? Or just 10%? The amount of money that you obtained will allow you to know how much you have for the realization of your project and the delivery of the perks.

If you obtained less money than you expected, you’ll have to evaluate what to do with your plans. Will the money obtained allow you to complete the project in its entirety or only one part? Will you have to put part of your money to compensate? Will you be able to afford the perks that you must give? It’s important that you are aware of your results.

Likewise, evaluate if you can carry out the project or if you’ll have to make a new campaign. In some cases, when the goal is not met, some people postpone the project to carry out a new campaign with another name. And thus try to obtain funds but changing the strategy used at the beginning.

how to evaluate your crowdfunding campaign
If your crowdfunding campaign was not successful, find out what went wrong or what you didn’t do that could have caused it. And start again with a more effective plan.

Keep in touch with people

Don’t let the romance with your audience die when the campaign ends. From the moment everything is over, keep your people informed about how you’ll carry out the project and when the perks will be delivered. And also talk about the short or long term plans you have for the project.

Be thankful of everyone’s support. From the people who contributed money to those who shared your campaign and spread it. Let them know that you recognize their help and that you’re very grateful for them. And that you also plan to reward them as much as possible.

Try to keep in touch with everyone and answer any questions or doubts that arise. Now that the campaign is over, people will want to know if the project will be carried out and how the whole process will be like. What’s important is that you don’t vanish as if nothing happened when your campaign ends!

crowdfunding audience
Use social networks to keep in touch with your audience. If you didn’t reach your goal, leave a clear message to your audience about what you plan to do.

Carry out your project if you can!

Even if your campaign was a failure or you didn’t get all the money you wanted, consider carrying out the project if possible. Of course, we invite you to be responsible and do it only if you have a prepared plan in case you didn’t reach the 100% expected.

But if you completed the goal or got enough money, get down to work! Start investing in what you needed to start that dream or goal you wanted to achieve. Don’t waste the opportunity to carry out your project if it is in your hands. But as long as you can fulfill it as planned with what you have.

The journey doesn’t end with your crowdfunding campaign. Remember that this was just the mechanism you used to finance a project, now you must carry it out! But never leaving people behind, keep them connected with the experience so they can continue to accompany you until the end.

how to achieve success in crowdfunding
Your crowdfunding campaign is like an adventure, you may not have everything you need but you could still reach the goal. However, that’s at your discretion and responsibility!

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Be sure to take this into account when you finish your campaign!