Do you want to attract traffic to your campaign? Then you have to know the strategies that are in vogue in marketing, one of them is newsjacking, a very funny tactic that captivates the attention of new customers.

With social networks it is much easier. Even, the Pew Research Center indicates that 62% of adults on social networks. The newsjacking seeks to take advantage of this phenomenon to the advantage of the brand.

What is Newsjacking and What Is It For? 1

According to the dictionary of digital marketing, Newjacking is defined as “marketing technique that consists of using events or current situations with the aim of attention to brands and get notoriety.” The term of the merger of the word news (meaning news in English) and hijack (which is appropriation or abduction in English).

The process to use Newsjacking

The definition of this strategy is the objective of the newsjacking is to direct the attention of an audience to your brand. However, it is not an easy technique to achieve, it is necessary to take into account the aspects of your target market and your brand before using it.

The most basic is updated with the news of the day to day, so you can follow several media that provide last minute information.

What is Newsjacking and What Is It For? 2

Another thing is to have a good incoming marketing department, which effectively manages the blog of your campaign and social networks to echo your business message. It is very important that your team manages to find a connection with the event and the principles of the brand.

Use a criterion when creating your message ask yourself What value can it bring? How does this news relate to my brand? What topics are relevant to our campaign? Among other questions

Finally, it is necessary to be timely and assertive when publishing the message. Do not wait for the news to go out of fashion to post the message. You have to participate in the conversation on time.

What is Newsjacking and What Is It For? 3

Details that should be avoided in Newsjacking

First, you should not wait long to post the message.

If there is a doubt with the news or some inconsistency with the brand, it is best not to publish. Well the wise say that it is better to remain silent when the subject is not known. All you have to do is evaluate the sensitivity of the topic, we do not want to elaborate a message that ends up being offensive.

What is Newsjacking and What Is It For? 4

A Well Done Newsjacking Example

This tweet made on the twitter account is the perfect example of how to apply Newsjacking cash. In 2013 during the Super Bowl event there was a power outage that was a very impressive event on television and social networks. The social network team uses this situation to publish an allusive image.

This strategy was effective so that the message had a relationship with the brand and the event and was published at the exact moment to generate relevance.

Marketing strategies are a smart way to attract public to your project, if you know how to manage through a blog or social networks, you can use this type of techniques to create more curiosity with your brand, just make sure you advise with the right people about the topic.

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