As a crowdfunding platform aimed at Latin America, we know that many people still don’t know about our work. And not only in our continent, but in many parts of the world, where this method of financing is not known yet. Today then we’ll explain what is needed to make a crowdfunding campaign.

Make a crowdfunding campaign

Platforms such as SOLIDARIDAD LATINA are responsible for allowing people to create a crowdfunding campaign. In case you don’t know yet, crowdfunding or collective financing is a method to raise money. Where a group of people interested in a project or idea give financial contributions so that it can be carried out.

The truth is that crowdfunding doesn’t only serve to finance businesses or organizations. It can be used to finance a variety of things: the production of a short film, surgery or medical treatment, address a problem in your city, etc. But then, what does it take to make a crowdfunding campaign? We’ll see:

Think if there’s something you want to do, but need money to do it

We all have dreams, needs, life projects, things that we want to carry out but that require money. Maybe you want to create your own restaurant, or want to travel to Brazil to take pictures of its Amazon jungles or just want to help someone you love. Think, make a decision and prepare for the next.

Write what you want to do, in details

Once you know what you want to do, take your time to write (in detail) about it and define how much money you want to raise. Explain what you want to do and why you need the money. Also, clarify what you plan to do with the money. And take time to talk about who you are and what led you to create the campaign. The important thing is that each aspect is clear.

Record a video where you appear talking about what you want to do

Any crowdfunding campaign requires a pitch video that talks about what you want to carry out. You just need to pick up a phone and record yourself (or ask someone else to do it) explaining what you want to do, in person. The creativity and production of the pitch video is at your discretion. Here you can see a simple example:

Make a perk system for your contributors

In general, a crowdfunding campaign involves creating a “perk system”. Namely, for a certain amount of money you receive from someone, you offer a reward based on it. For example, for every $5 you receive, you can send a thank-you email. The higher the contribution, the higher the value of the perk.

What you can offer as a perk and your perk system will depend on your crowdfunding campaign. Think about what you can offer in exchange for a contribution and add it to your perk system. It would be convenient that you also explain your perk system on the main page of your campaign.

Publish your campaign on the platform and you’re ready to go!

Create an account on the crowdfunding platform and assemble your campaign. Put a title and an image that are attractive and fill it with the full description of what you want to do. Place your video so everyone can see it and add your perk system. Once you have all of this ready, start your campaign. You must make sure you have a group of people interested in contributing money.

Making a crowdfunding campaign without having people who can contribute to it doesn’t make sense. If you want to reach your goal, it’s important that you know how to attract people who can give you the money you need. Otherwise, won’t be able to reach the goal of your campaign.

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Create your crowdfunding campaign today and achieve your dreams!