Once again, we want to guide you so that you learn to promote your crowdfunding campaign. Why? Since it never hurts to do so. Doing so is crucial and decisive for any campaign. This time we’ll do it a little more simple and fun. If you want easy and practical advice, take some time to read this entry. Therefore, today we’ll talk about 4 ways to promote a crowdfunding campaign.

Ways to promote your campaign

If you want to start a crowdfunding campaign, you must take into account that it won’t profit on its own. This is a misconception that some people tend to believe and that has damaged several campaigns over time. For people to start contributing money, it’s important that they already know your campaign in advance.

In fact, it’s always good to start promoting your campaign long before launching it. If you do, you’ll have an assured audience that will be interested in supporting you. Since the beginning of your campaign, you will have their attention and therefore guaranteed contributions. However, you should know what ways you have available to make it known. Let’s get down to it!

1. Make promotional videos

Not necessarily the pitch video of your campaign, but you should also consider it. But either way, long before launching your campaign you can make several “ads” about the idea, necessity or dream you want to turn to a crowdfunding campaign. In these videos, you can reveal very specific and interesting details but without telling everything. With this, you can also take advantage of all the potential that YouTube has for this type of material.

This was a tactic used by Andrew Ochoa for his Pilot campaign, he created short 30-second videos and promoted them as “ads” via Facebook. These were very crucial to the success of his campaign. When doing your campaign’s pitch video, you can follow the example of Damaso Jimenez for his BienDateao campaign on our platform. Whose main lesson is that it’s always important to appear in it in person. You can see it below:

2. Search for people with shared interests in social networks

It’s about understanding that using social networks isn’t a task that will be effective by itself. In this case, to promote your crowdfunding campaign. What you have to understand is that you must use social networks, but making sure your message reaches people who would be interested in your campaign. If it’s about technology, you’ll want to look for technology groups or enthusiasts on social networks.

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Where can you find these people? That’ll depend on the social network in question. Maybe the group you’re trying to reach is mostly on Twitter, just to give an example. But you can start looking through a very known social network like Facebook. Once you find a group, don’t just go around saying “support my campaign”. Try to present your project in a convincing way that invites others to be part of the experience.

social media users statistics
The monthly number of active users in social networks by year. Choose which one of them best suits your needs. Source: AdvertiseMint

3. Tell your family and friends about your campaign

This may sound silly to you, but it’s not. Sharing your campaign with your friends and family can help you not only to win their support, but get them to spread your campaign in their network of acquaintances. So don’t be embarrassed to talk about the idea behind your project. They may even be able to get you closer to key or influential people who can help you promote your campaign.

Take into account those people who have given you a positive response. And also to those who have shown interest but who still haven’t offered any support. Don’t forget that people won’t always take action by themselves, in some cases it’ll take some persuasion to convince them. Therefore, never underestimate the possibility of having your friends and family to lend you a hand.

4. If you already have an audience, keep in touch with them

Exactly that. To promote a crowdfunding campaign, you don’t need to apply marketing tactics or hire an advertising agency. Each person has specific needs when promoting a campaign. For example, if your campaign is about launching a product to the market, you’ll probably need to take drastic measures to reach your niche market. But if your campaign is only for a personal reason such as financing a surgery or a trip, you don’t have to be very sophisticated or formal.

You just have to build an audience. And make contact with them in a constant way. Use whatever you have: social networks, a webste, a blog, a WhatsApp group… Even offline. Although, as we said before, everything will depend on your needs. Measure the magnitude of your campaign and determine what is it that you want to achieve with it. Then, promote it based on those needs. In that way, the task of letting it be known will be more comfortable for you.

How to promote your crowdfunding campaign
You can promote your crowdfunding campaign using your smartphone and Internet connection. Creating simple and interesting content and posting it on your social networks. Remember not to give all the details. You can do that on your campaign page.

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You just have to use what you need!