When we learn what entrepreneurship is about, we feel like creating our own businesses. But more than business, a life project, a brand, something that you’re very passionate about. But for some it’s harder to get inspiration, so today we’ll give you 5 ways to inspire you to get entrepreneurial ideas.

5 ways to get inspiration for entrepreneurial ideas

Getting inspiration to have an entrepreneurial idea is easier than you think. Some of the big companies created recently did it that way. There are different ways to open your mind and find the muse you’re desperately looking for. Look at these 5 tips that we bring for you!

1. Think of a common problem and try to solve it

Most businesses that exist are there to solve a problem of everyday life. Uber provides transportation to those who cannot get it easily, for example. Pilot allows people who speak different languages ​​to talk to each other, etc. Today there are still other problems, to which you could give a solution.

Miguel Modestino Renewable energy
Miguel Modestino was aware of the damage that fossil fuels cause to the environment. That made him create solar reactors that use clean, renewable energy. Source: Fibre2Fashion

2. Take advantage of your academic training and work in your market area

Who says you can’t venture while working on your vocation or what you like? If your career your passion, you can follow your heart and create a business about it. Study the market in which you specialize and think about what you can do that’s different from what already exists. Many young people have done this since university and have turned ideas into businesses.

Prev UPP App
Pedro Aguilera studied industrial engineering at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Later, he would develop Prev UPP: an app that works with a pad to analyze the position of people sitting in a wheelchair. Source: MIT Technology Review in Spanish

3. Observe what’s there and improve it or change it

Competing can also help you to have an entrepreneurial idea. Although try to do it with someone with whom you can compete efficiently. Look for any idea or business that already exists, perhaps about something that you are passionate about. Take that idea and unravel it to find out if you can fulfill the same function but better or differently.

Qempo E-commerce
Ansou Tou took the well-known e-commerce business and turned it into something different. He created Qempo, a buying and selling site for Peruvians and travelers who visit Peru. Source: YouTube

4. Create something to survive in your current social environment

You may live in a country that’s experiencing economic, social, political or cultural problems. These evidently make daily life difficult and, in some cases, the ability to survive as well. But during a crisis is when more creative ideas arise to solve the problems. And you can also take advantage of this to offer a solution.

Craft beer Venezuela
The economic crisis suffered by Venezuela made the big beer brands too expensive. Which allowed some people to create their own craft breweries. Source: telesurtv.net

5. Use the power of the Internet and technology to innovate a business

This means that you can find a business, process or problem that has existed for some time. And use the Internet and new technologies to place it easily in the hands of people. It’s one of the most popular ways of making an entrepreneurship since now almost everything is done through the Internet and technology.

Muzi Technology
Computer engineer Agustina Fainguersch developed an app to diagnose AIDS with a test that works similar to Uber. Source: Telemundo

Regardless of what you intend to do, it’s necessary that you never lose your passion. Passion will help you to continue working on your project without losing motivation and with high probabilities of doing a good job. Therefore it’s very important that your ideas, preferably, are born from what you like most.

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Get inspiration and get your entrepreneurial idea!