In a crowdfunding campaign, it’s not enough to say “give me money” to obtain contributions. To be successful, it’s necessary to take things further and attract attention. One of the ways to achieve this is through the creation of visual content. In this case, the one that makes you get those contributions.

Visual content to get contributions in crowdfunding

A long time ago, we made a blog post regarding visual content in crowdfunding. Where we explained what it was and gave some advice about it. However,it’s time to delve into the subject and offer more than just simple tools. In this case, we’re going to talk  about what kind of visual content in particular you should use.

In regards to it, there are many types of things you can use. The main medium where you’re going to promote your campaign is on the Internet, through social networks logically. Therefore, the most convenient thing is to create content that fits these channels. Let’s proceed then to define what you can use to encourage your audience to give you contributions.

Identify your campaign with a logo

Logos are the most representative symbol of any expression of corporate image. They’re crucial for a company to make itself known. You don’t necessarily have to have one if you’re going to start a business. Since a logo can be used to identify a cause as such. It gives you credibility and a defined identity. Therefore, its creation is suggested.

Logos Effectiveness Crowdfunding
A logo is meant to identify something. On its own, it doesn’t sell anything but the most important thing is what it represents: your crowdfunding campaign. That’s why it connects with people. Source:

Design pictures for social media

A simple way to cover a day of publication is through designed pictures. Think of the possibility of taking a photograph, a specific vector or image. Add text with a striking typography and a simple phrase that contains a message for your contributors. If you make a creative combination of these elements, you can get good results.

Picture Design Social Media Crowdfunding
These are several examples of pictures designed for posts on social networks. They’re a simple and easy way to interact with the public. Source: Adobe Spark

Take interesting photographs and post them

Sometimes, it’s not necessary to edit a photograph in Photoshop or any other program to make it better. It’s just a matter of knowing what you should capture and show it to your audience. Don’t limit yourself to just putting a photo in a post. For example, you can take several pictures that show your campaign’s progress. Or that show the rewards you’ll offer. This’ll increase the general interest.

Crowdfunding Photographs Visual Content
Is your crowdfunding campaign about creating a recipe book? Take several pictures of the dishes and post them. Do this yourself with whatever your campaign is about and captivate the audience with interesting photos. Source: Eliasson Marketing

Create graphs with concrete data

Infographics, statistics, concept maps, pie charts, etc. We refer to this with graphics with specific data. Why can it help to invite people to contribute? Because through them you can interact with your audience and communicate important details. Such as the reasons behind your campaign, your goals, what you expect to obtain and what your contributors can obtain.

Graphics Infographic Crowdfunding
Just one example, you can design an infographic on how your campaign’s earnings will be used. Or explaining what your idea is about. Source: Venngage

Use videos

Don’t get confused, this includes several aspects. Whether you record yourself saying a message or make an attractive animation, a video will always be attractive. You can use all the resources you have to show your campaign information through a video. Beyond the one you have to do for its main presentation. Consider posting relevant videos on social networks.

Video Design Crowdfunding
From a live transmission to a simple video recorded with a smartphone. All these resources allow you to create videos that connect with people. Source: Reuters Institute – University of Oxford

The purpose of visual content is but one: to create an emotional connection with your audience. Going beyond being simply a person on the Internet asking for money for some purpose. The experience of a crowdfunding campaign should be special and focused on people. And creating attractive visual content is an excellent way to do it.

Thank you very much for reading this entry. We hope you liked it! We invite you to share it in your social networks. So you offer them useful content for them and allow us to reach new audiences.

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Create content and earn contributions!