Within such a large market, it’s always usual to encounter unexpected things! Crowdfunding has allowed extremely strange projects to obtain financing. And to tell the truth, not only have they achieved it but they’ve also been carried out successfully. Today we’ll see 5 of these unusual crowdfunding campaigns.

5 unusual crowdfunding campaigns

It seems that weird ideas never stop showing in crowdfunding platforms. And the thing is that no matter how crazy a project looks, there’s no real reason not to allow it to take place. At the end of the day, if there are people who give them contributions, it’s because they attract attention, right? We’re going to meet 5 of these campaigns that were successful.

Demonstrating how delicious is a chicken burrito

Noboru Bitoy was studying graphic design when he decided to make a crowdfunding campaign for something particular. To measure how delicious was a chicken burrito was from American food chain Chipotle. Through graphics. Actually it only needed $8, but ended up getting $ 1,050. So he had to take things further…

Jelloware, edible cups

The Way We See The World is a design studio made by Ingrid and Brandon, a married couple from New York. Concerned about the environment, they decided to create Jelloware: a series of edible and biodegradable cups made of agar and with different flavors. They started a crowdfunding campaign to finance their creation and raised their goal of $10,000.

Menurkey, a menorah in the shape of a turkey

On November 28, 2013, an unrepeatable coincidence occurred: Thanksgiving and Hanukkah happened in the same day. Therefore, a 9-year-old boy named Asher Weintraub decided to finance the creation of a turkey-shaped menorah: Menurkey. People seemed to like this idea a lot, since he got a total of $48,345 from their goal of $25,000.

Menurkey Asher Weintraub
The Menurkey, with a space for 9 small candles just like a menorah. Source: Huffington Post

IllumiBowl, a night light for toilets

This is an invention that appeared in the American reality show Shark TankMatt Alexander and Michael Kannely had the idea of ​​creating IllumiBowl, a multi-colored night light to illuminate toilets during in the dark. It’s a matter of clipping it in the side and it’ll turn on automatically when entering. Surprisingly, it earned $95,399 from its goal of $20,000.

IllumiBowl SharkTank
IllumiBowl can be placed in any toilet and is available in various colors. It lights up on its own when entering the bathroom and shuts off when leaving. Source: Enjoy Freebies

BugASalt, the bug-killer shotgun

We finish with BugASalt, an invention created by the American artist Lorenzo Maggiore. It’s a miniature shotgun that uses table salt as ammunition, its goal is to kill flies and other insects with a single shot. As incredible as this idea may seem, it didn’t prevent its campaign from raising $577,636 from its goal of only $15,000.

Once again, these campaigns show us that there’s nothing that stands between an idea and crowdfunding. So once again we tell our community not to get discouraged and open their minds to good ideas. Never think that nobody will pay attention to your project, because if you know how to promote it, be sure that you’ll achieve success.

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If they all succeeded, you can do it too!