In the TV industry there have always been great television production companies that get a lot of money. Thus great television channels manage to offer content of such high quality. But what about the independent industry? Today we’ll meet 5 television series that were financed with crowdfunding.

5 television series financed with crowdfunding

Independent projects always find funding in crowdfunding. Especially for those people willing to fulfill a dream under any circumstances. In the case of television, there’s a great variety of projects that managed to finance themselves without the help of a production company. Which weren’t always directed to a TV channel, but also became web series. Let’s see 5 of them.


Written, directed and produced by Rohith Katbamna, this is a dramatic series. PREMature shows the life of Prem, a lonely high school student who suffers the death of his grandmother and the divorce of his parents. And now he’ll have to face the harsh reality of his situation. In 2014, a crowdfunding campaign was carried out to finance the production of 6 episodes. Which was a success.

Camp Cedar Lake

This project belongs to a group of university students from Toronto, Canada. They wanted to create a series of comedy called Camp Cedar Lake, which portrays the life seen by teenagers in a summer camp. Looking for a budget of 5,000 Canadian dollars, the production team launched a crowdfunding campaign. Which was very well received and managed to reach the goal.

The Journey

Greg Aiello is a former American television personality known for hosting the adventure series Motion. In which he explored and showed the beauty of American national parks. He decided to create his own TV series called The Journey, where he’ll now show the rural beauty of exotic places in the world. Aiello published a crowdfunding campaign to obtain financing, which was successful.


Another project made by students appears on our list. In this case, a web series from Australia. MATURE shows the life of Caroline, a 35-year-old mother who after getting bored of always staying at home decides to go to university. The series seeks to get rid of the myths that surround the middle-aged people who go to college. After a crowdfunding campaign, they obtained the money for production.

mature web series indiegogo
A photograph of the production team behind MATURE published on their Facebook page. Source: Facebook


RACE FOR THE TOP is a reality television series that became quite notorious. It’s curiously a reality show that shows startups before, during and after their crowdfunding campaigns. Showing their development plus the difficulties faced by entrepreneurs. Not only at a business and entrepreneurship level, but also at a family and emotional level. Crowdfunding awarded $69,370 to this project.

Anyone with a great idea, effort, motivation and intelligence, can do anything with crowdfunding. These 5 television series show it. Regardless of whether it comes from a prestigious production company or if you’re part of an independent but capable team. As much as movies and filming, television series have also found a niche in crowdfunding.

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