They say that those who do not travel do not know the value of men and that having the opportunity to travel the world gives you the opportunity to meet people of all kinds. Believe it or not, with crowdfunding you can get the resources to travel from here to China. Continue reading.

We all love to travel, have many stories or many things to do, if you are an entrepreneur. This experience becomes much better if you share it with a community of followers, that is the opportunity offered by crowdfunding: share the experiences of your trip with the world.

Already many people have managed to realize their dreams of moving creating crowdfunding campaigns, some travel for personal reasons, for vacations, honeymoon or pursuing their lifestyle others travel for more entrepreneurial reasons such as creating a documentary, a book of photographs or create a business.

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Why fund my trip with crowdfunding?

If you have a great idea but do not have capital, crowdfunding is your solution. For example, Solidaridad Latina is a platform where anyone can tell their dreams, their history, to connect with a community of investors who will donate capital for the goal of your campaign.

Collective financing allows you to connect with other people who connect with your mission and want it to become a reality. Another great advantage is that it is low risk, so there is no way to be left bankrupt or lose your project to create a crowdfunding campaign, this is because for crowdfunding you do not need to have capital or pay interests to a bank.

With collective financing, capital is not only sought for commercial or social projects, it also serves personal purposes, it is all about knowing how to present the idea in a creative way.

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Practical tips to finance your trip with crowdfunding

Investigate and plan

The most important step of crowdfunding is research and planning. When you design your campaign, research which ones have been successful, how they got it and also the people who have failed and failed.

From this research, creative ideas can come out to apply in the planning of your campaign and to know what distinguishes your idea from others.

Create a personal message

Anyone is attracted by good stories and more those that have personal content, if you explain in depth, the reasons for your trip, what it represents for you and how it would change your life, you will have a very attractive message to offer to your community.

Travel with purpose

The personal and exciting stories are quite interesting, but the campaigns that most collect with those that carry a specific purpose, for example: make a trip to Peru to make a documentary, or bring an innovative product to Mexico. That kind of thing should be well explained in the description of the campaign, answer the question: Why do you need to travel?

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Now, what do you expect to dare to travel with crowdfunding? Sure the collective financing is the key to finance your next initiative, just apply these tips that we give you and you will see that it will be a success.

If you want to travel with your friends you could make an incredible proposal, so share this post with them so they have ideas of what they can do.

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Crowdfunding will take you far