These campaigns will awaken your inner child, so much so that you will surely want to go back to your childhood when you see these toys.

We have already explained that any idea can be financed with crowdfunding, therefore, it is possible to finance toys with donations and more in a market in which conventional toys are no longer sold so much.

Since the break of Toys U R, the creators of toys have it difficult, since videogames and the development of technology make them a strong competition to these companies. However, crowdfunding campaigns give toys a second chance.


It is an attractive device that literally fits in the palm of your hand. It is a cube that connects with bluethoot to your laptop and computer and that has several functions: a joystick, aerial mouse and ports for SD memories. This can be used from to browse the internet to make a presentation.

This is a toy that you can work with and use for your entertainment, your campaign raised 39,198 dollars, making this idea come true to satisfy your inner child.


“A robot to encourage interest in programming in children” this is the value idea of ​​this campaign. If you liked robots as a child, you will want your children to have this toy.

With a Tacobot children can awaken their interest in technology, through tacos with sensors that allow creating different robots with different functions. It is up to the imagination of the child to engineer new functions for each robot.

The campaign requested $ 30,000 and managed to raise $ 30,206 exceeding the value of its goal.


Creativity is what can lead to a successful campaign, the Wumba animals are the perfect example. The mission of Wumba is to stimulate the imagination in early childhood, how? Well with animal figures composed of three tacos but allowing multiple combinations. This idea came to success by collecting $ 38,097.

The Wumba family is composed of a lion, a crocodile, a zebra, an elephant and a giraffe, all with friendly and vibrant colors. It is inevitable to be attracted to the shapes of these characters.

The  Chester Plush

First, who is Chester? He is the most sympathetic character in the videogame Don’t Starve, it is a creature with a soft fur that will faithfully follow his partner, you just have to summon him with his “Eyebone” and he will come to help you.

Chester, besides being very nice, will help you to keep all the objects that you need or that you find in your trips. And if your digital version in the game is lovely, your stuffed animal is much more adorable. Without a doubt, the fans of Don’t Starve were satisfied with this campaign because they helped collect $ 151,562 to make the Chester  toy come true


If the legos are 3D, the Simbrix are 2D. These are pieces with a pixel shape, similar to the Atari, which are connected to each other. These pieces allow you to fly your creativity, you can draw your favorite characters or make your own art.

Of course, do not step on them, because they can hurt a lot.

This campaign doubled its goal, since the target was 2,000 pounds and ended up collecting 4,230 pounds.

These toys are incredible, right? Well, if you have an idea like this in mind, sure a crowdfunding campaign is what your product needs.

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