Do you know how big is the notoriety of your brand? When you have a worthwhile product and a good advertising strategy, you gradually build the Top of Mind of your venture. If you do not know what this is about, here we will explain.

When you hear the words “soft drinks”, “diapers”, “sports shoes”, you immediately think of brands like Coca Cola, Pampers or Adidas. This is what a Top of Mind brand is about: that relates in memory to the type of product that you sell.

According to the Branding dictionary, the Top of Mind is that brand that occupies a privileged position in the memory of the public, being the first that the individual remember spontaneously. That is, it is the highest place at the level of identification and authority of a firm.

What is a Top Of Mind brand? 1

A brand with this recognition has several advantages, such as being the referents of the market they are in, a greater facility to spread their products and services, among others. And in general, they have a higher success rate.

Is it possible to build a Top of Mind brand?

As you can see there are few brands that manage to place themselves in this way in the minds of customers. However, it is not impossible to achieve. Much of this effort consists of presenting an original product and presenting it to the public as something important.

Even, there are some experts who indicate the fundamental focus is not to create something new, but how it will be presented to the public. It is much more important to create a good impression in the first contact with potential customers.

Of course we will have to emphasize what differentiates our product from the competition so that it will have an impact on its consumers and the proposal of value in its memory will last.

Therefore, it is possible to create a Top of Mind brand. Then we leave you some simple tips, shared by the Merca20 portal, so that you can build yours.

What is a Top Of Mind brand? 2

Find the right message

There are words and expressions that have a greater impact within the mind, even without being aware of it; look for those that make a difference from the rest of the competitors.

Focus your strategy on loyal customers

A loyal customer, is one who whatever happens, satisfies their needs by acquiring products of the same brand. Well, they will be the ones who recommend the brand as such and it will spread by word of mouth.


Invent, create, design, play with all the elements you have at your disposal to offer added value; the difference causes consumers to associate is “idea” with your brand; and what he will do with the time that is spoken of her.

This shows us that with indicated strategies we can locate ourselves in the memory of our clients, to achieve greater loyalty with them and the result will be seen in the success of our sales.

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Your Top of Mind brand will stay in the memory of your customers