Carrying out a crowdfunding campaign is a venture that requires time and dedication, however, you have to know the strategies indicated to reach the goal, that’s why there are the 10 commandments of a successful crowdfunding.

Leading a crowdfunding campaign is not an easy job, but it is necessary to have a lot of knowledge on the subject to know what tactics are the most appropriate to do before launching your crowdfunding. There are even several activities that need to be done during and after the end of the campaign.

But not all are uphill. In fact, in Solidaridad Latina we detected certain activities that are imperative to raise the necessary funds. That is why we want to share these commandments so that your crowdfunding is successful.

1. You will have a creative video to promote your campaign

Crowdfunding that presents a video is more likely to reach the goal that one does not have. This is because donors feel much more identified with multimedia material. Ideally, this video should be as creative as possible so that it attracts the attention of the audience.

Top Commandments of a Succesful Crowdfunding 1

2. You will be transparent with your product

One of the reasons that makes collective financing so attractive is the honesty with which the product is presented. So there is no need to be afraid to describe the idea as it is.

Top Commandments of a Succesful Crowdfunding 2

3. You will give attractive rewards to your donors

Investing in a reward system is also essential to the success of the campaign. Of course, the tangible rewards are much more convincing, since micro investors feel that in this way the money they invest in the project has more value.

Top Commandments of a Succesful Crowdfunding 3

4. You will give information about yourself

When you provide information about yourself or about the company that carries out the campaign, it becomes a project with greater credibility, in addition to making the donors feel confident enough to donate in the proposal.

Top Commandments of a Succesful Crowdfunding 4

5. You will create a community of followers

For this you have to be sure which category your crowdfunding belongs to, if it’s a movie, look for a community of filmmakers or moviegoers, if it’s a technology start-up identify young people interested in technological advances, talk and share your campaign with them . In this way you will have a large group of people who will want to donate for your project.

Top Commandments of a Succesful Crowdfunding 5

6. You will aspire reasonable objectives

This detail is very relevant at the time of planning. When the strategy is being developed, be sure to take into account all possible and real expenses and investments that your crowdfunding will need. From this, you can discover the exact amount of money you need and place it as a goal in your campaign.

Top Commandments of a Succesful Crowdfunding 6

7. You will tell an interesting story

To connect with donors, you have to tell a story that engages and provides the necessary information, of course this message should be clear and concise, but without leaving the emotional field aside.

Top Commandments of a Succesful Crowdfunding 7

8. Promote your campaign in social networks

The presence in social networks is the best way to publicize a project, even serves to attract the majority of donors. For this, it is advisable to share the campaign and ask friends and family to also promote it in their accounts. Also, getting an influencer to share the campaign is a great strategy to reach the goal.

Top Commandments of a Succesful Crowdfunding 8

9. You will comply with what was promised in your campaign

Any professional should be keeping their word, the same applies to crowfunding campaigns. Do not forget that many people invested money in a project and what they want is to see that idea come true, in addition, if you do not keep your promises, you may not donate again if a campaign is launched again.

What is recommended is to keep the donor community informed in order to guarantee that this investment was worthwhile.

Top Commandments of a Succesful Crowdfunding 9

10. You will thank your donors

The main rules of etiquette teach you to thank and others like to thank them if you do them a favor. That is why having a good thank-you system makes participants feel more committed to the campaign, in this case personalized acknowledgments or public acknowledgment to donors is a tactic that approaches the success of the campaign.

Top Commandments of a Succesful Crowdfunding 10

These tips, more than commandments, are highly effective strategies to reach the goal of your crowdfunding. This means that if you apply these fundamentals you will have many opportunities to complete a successful campaign.

If you have a friend interested in crowdfuding or who is not fulfilling one of these strategies, share this entry with him to help him realize his dream.     

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Get ready to realize your dreams!