Crowdfunding campaigns that have a video tend to be more successful, therefore, they reach the goal faster. For this reason, we always recommend creating a video to promote the campaign, but the better the video is, the more opportunities you have to succeed.

However, many believe that putting a camera to record or present a PowerPoint slide is enough, but this is not the case, there are more technical details that influence a quality footage. You also do not have to be a filmmaker to have an incredible video, just follow our advice.

Take care of the quality

The quality of the video image is very important, nobody likes to see a video that shows pixelated.

Currently it is very easy to record a movie with high resolution, since since smartphones have large mega pixel values, anyone can record their movie. So you do not have to buy an expensive camera, you just have to get a cell phone with a good video camera, it can be yours or that of a friend or family member.

Tips to Have An Amazing Video For Your Crowdfunding 1

Pro tip: Remember to position the camera horizontally, since in the format of Youtube or Vimeo videos they look much better horizontally than vertically.

Express yourself with Images

An image says more than a thousand words. The audiovisual material gives us the opportunity to be literal with our message, so we could show the benefits of the business or how to use the product through the video to make the idea much clearer. This is the part where the creator’s creativity is most displayed in the campaign.

Tips to Have An Amazing Video For Your Crowdfunding 2

Pro tip: It materializes what you express.

Be brief and concise

Do not extend. The video of your campaign should explain in a simple way what your project is about. Remember to include what the rewards are and why you need the money. That will give you much more credibility.

Tips to Have An Amazing Video For Your Crowdfunding 3

Pro tip: Three minutes are enough to make your campaign understand.

Introduce yourself with your audience

Tell them a little about your audience about you and how you came up with this idea. If you are afraid of the camera or stage panic take this opportunity to overcome these fears, remember that after all, this is a good strategy to generate deceit with your patrons.

Audiences like emotional messages, so add excitement to your video.

Tips to Have An Amazing Video For Your Crowdfunding 4

Pro tip: Try to be yourself and face the camera.

You can not miss the music

No silent videos. Background music makes your material more dynamic. You just have to take into account that does not cover the voice of what is being expressed and better that the song is royalty free, that is, without copyright. This saves you intellectual property problems.

Tips to Have An Amazing Video For Your Crowdfunding 5

Pro tip: Record audio independently, that is, with a phone or camera you record the video and with a recorder or another phone you record the audio of your video.

Now, to edit your video

This is where you gather all the material you recorded to organize it in a logical way. In this process where you can add text, in addition, improve some errors that were left of the recording

This seems the most complex step for everyone, especially if you have never seen a video editing program, but the reality is that there are several programs that are very easy to use such as Filmora, Movie Maker or Sony Vega. There are also several phone applications to edit your video, you do not need to be an expert in postproduction since with these tools you can do a good job.

Tips to Have An Amazing Video For Your Crowdfunding 6

Pro tip: If you still have doubts about how to use these programs you can search tutorials on YouTube and learn in a self-taught way.

Do not stress with the production of the video of your campaign, keep in mind that it is a tool that will help you reach the goal and make your dream come true. Not only that, look at it as an opportunity to gather your family and friends to help you record this video. Sure they will have a fun afternoon.

If you know someone wants to highlight their own video for their campaign and does not know how, share this article with them, our advice will be very helpful.

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Create an effective video for your crowdfunding!