In today’s world, ideas are shining and flourishing, every each day young people are a source of ideas. That is why the 21st century has been called the “Century of the Knowledge Society” because of the fluidity of ideas that manifest themselves as innovations in the market.

But now then, where do ideas come from? Very simple, from your creative processes, your imagination, and your mind, where they are recreated as visualizations that can be connected with your work. Also, from what you read, see and dream; that’s why you often read and hear the phrase: “Make your dreams come true”.

In the field of entrepreneurship it is repetitive to listen to this phrase when people come up with new ideas; however, for many people it’s difficult to identify ideas to make them real, so let’s review what ideas can be transformed into sustainable businesses.

1.- What you like

Think about everything you like and/or feel has not been developed yet, such as dishes you imagine, a new design of shoes, a short film, a videogame or a song. Start by drawing your idea and then write everything that comes into your mind to make it possible.

2.- What you need

Think about everything you need that you can’t get in the local or global market. The remote control was made because a person needed it. For instance, the app technology that provides solutions for your mobile or a special medicine that you need and probably many others need too.

3.- What the market needs

The main motivation of an entrepreneur is to create what the market needs. For example, malls and universities may need special dispensing machines for candies, non-allergic acrylic boards could be needed in classrooms or think about being the plastic supplier of the company where you work because the usual supplier does not meet the requirements.

4.- What makes you happy 

Whatever the area it is, if it makes you happy, you will surely be successful. Your idea can be a new hamburger that satisfies your taste, a new comic channel or a new digital camera for your selfies or perhaps an environmental campaign to rescue animals.

The world of ideas is infinite; it is not a philosophical matter as perhaps many people see it because they admire and regard it to Plato. It is just because today’s imagination is dynamic and can be productive. Your ideas or dreams can become a reality and end up in highly competitive and profitable products and services.

Mary Angel Bohorquez