We can not deny that technology has changed the way we live, now anyone has access to a computer, mobile phone or Internet signal. This causes companies to adapt to the needs and technological customs of this generation so that they can prevail in the market.

According to the newspaper El Nuevo Herald: “Companies that do not apply new technologies to their businesses are not only sacrificing their productivity, they are risking their well-being”

There are many important things about the use of technology in business, such as having a presence on social networks, having a website and digital tools that facilitate processes and improve the customer experience. For example, having a website of the company gives the impression of more confidence in the business and social networks give the opportunity to interact with the brand.

How Technology Has Influenced The Business World 1

With this we can see that technology has a great influence on the business world, both internally and externally of the company.

Use technology within the company

Previously, we said that technology can improve user experience, but this also applies to employees and other members of the company’s team. The access that the workers have to the technology will facilitate processes, performing it in a faster and more productive way.

The increase in productivity is related to the reduction of manual work and paperwork, for example, instead of making an attendance sheet, you can take control of employee assistance digitally. In addition, communication between employees is much easier and easier with text messaging and chats.

How Technology Has Influenced The Business World 2

The chats and the groups in internal social networks of the companies improve in contact between the employees, this means that already the cold policy of the employees between four walls is reduced. The work environment is much more pleasant, which also reduces work stress, in addition, keeps the workers motivated.

Decision making

Data, information, statistics all these resources help to analyze the productivity of the company, and with technological advances it is much easier to have access to these resources. In fact, that is why there is Big Data that is the set of data on a given item, for these many companies are hiring data scientists who are specialists in analyzing the information generated by these statistics.

But why is it important? Because more knowledge of statistics there is better decision-making at the business level, so there are more opportunities to achieve success in the company.

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The popularity of the company

Now that we know how technology influences within the company, we will identify the relationship as digital processes impact on popularity and the attraction of new customers in the company. This is where we talk about the reputation of the company and specifically, digital marketing.

In previous lines we said that having a website generates credibility in the company, this is because through an Internet portal anyone can know the business, know what it offers and most importantly connect with potential customers without having to leave their home. That is why, nowadays, the digital world has become a tool to attract more users.

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Your business in social networks

And it is not only the use of a web page, it also counts the use of social networks and that is why digital marketing is born, a discipline that seeks to improve the customer experience through the internet and different social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

In fact, the Puro Marketing portal indicates that 52% of companies could attract new customers through Facebook, on the other there is 42% that LinkedIn with marketing purposes and 36% defend the use of Twitter to attract users. The same applies to crowdfunding campaigns or emerging businesses, the more popularity you have in social networks the higher the levels of success.

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Technology has helped improve the world we live in, facilitating several processes that previously required months or much more material. A fundamental tool for the development of man and business. Needless to say, if the world and the needs of future generations change, the market must adapt to these updates to continue competing.

In conclusion there are many positive impacts that technology has had on business, both for the internal and external processes of a company. It is better for all entrepreneurs to take this into account in order to be successful.

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