For a long time, a business has become famous in the network. What’s it about? Apparently, it’s possible to earn money by doing a relatively simple job: answering surveys online. It sounds pretty attractive, but is it a safe business? Can anyone really do it without problems? Today we’ll study these surveys for money to find out their authenticity.

Authenticity of money surveys

First of all, it must be mentioned that Internet surveys are nothing new. Many companies from different parts of the world have used them to find out potential information about their customers. This allows them to know details about them that they could use to improve their business or service. Or create advertising aimed at attracting the attention of these customers.

This has had so much time that now we have a new possibility. It consists that now some companies would be paying money for just that, answering surveys. The truth is that many people have shown their interest in this business and for good reasons. It would allow you to stay at home, just needing a computer or a smartphone with Internet. And since answering them doesn’t usually take more than 20 minutes, you have free time left.

fake internet surveys
An example of advertising on Internet surveys in exchange for money. Many of them are accused of being illegitimate or scams. Source: Review Ebook Reader

However, there’s a fear that affects the vast majority of people. Fear of fraud or being scammed, which justifies the saying: “It’s too good to be true.” Therefore, it’s usual to see people questioning this business without embarrassment. Especially when there’s evidence of misleading advertising or of doubtful origin. And specifically those designed to invite you to be part of this business.

Although this may be true, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t companies that may pay to conduct surveys. Or that aren’t willing to do it. But, which ones they are and what kind of clients are they targeting? It’s necessary to find out not only if this business exists, but if it’s applicable and legal for any person in the world. For those interested, it’s important to clarify that indeed this business exists and is carried out.

What you should know about Internet surveys

According to an article in The Balance Careers, not everyone can participate in this business. Sites that pay money for surveys or that claim to do so are usually intermediaries. Which sell or offer this information to companies in exchange for a particular remuneration. They’re the main beneficiaries of the business and those who can afford to live on it.

Some online surveys don’t offer remuneration with money. Instead, they usually limit themselves to offering symbolic rewards such as services, coupons, samples and so on. And according to information in the article mentioned above, only some pay cash albeit through sweepstakes. Emphasizing that even if you manage to win some of these sweepstakes, it wouldn’t be enough to make a living. Since they usually give between $5 and $200.

harris poll surveys
Harris Poll, one of the Internet’s most recognized and referenced Internet survey websites. It offers American users points that they can use to obtain gift cards for specific stores like Walmart. Among other things. Source: Utah Sweet Savings

Among other rewards is granting “points” to users, as seen above. Which can exchanged for money or other goods. But to tell the truth, it’s necessary to accumulate many of them to even claim something of true value. So it doesn’t become as profitable as it seems in certain cases. Other surveys don’t offer anything or simply give you sweepstake entries. Sometimes, they also only reward you by inviting others to answer the survey, as in a pyramid scheme.

Although certain sites can pay handsomely, others often tell unreal success stories. Making people believe that anyone can live from this business. It’s important to note that some survey websites are usually available exclusively for people from a specific country. Since, to earn money it’s necessary to belong to a demographic group of clients in particular.

who can apply to online surveys
Internet surveys consist of obtaining information from a particular market niche. Therefore, they are not usually available in the vast majority of countries in the world. Source:

In short, it’s possible to obtain some money and benefits by doing surveys on the Internet. But not enough to make a living, it’s something that can be done to have extra money. One must also be careful with the information that is usually disclosed on these sites, which don’t always competely respect the privacy of users. And avoid the sites that ask you to pay membership fees or make some type of investment.

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Without a doubt this is an interesting business!