Great ideas do not stay at home, but go much further. These Latin Americans were visionaries with their businesses and decided to export it to the rest of the world, leaving the image of Latin Americans high.

These people are an example of progress, that with an established vision and with a lot of discipline, the goal can be reached. Some began with a small store, others grew up surrounded by entrepreneurs, but their management left an important mark turning them into successful Latin Americans.

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In this list we show you the names of Latin Americans who, with their hard work, are very successful entrepreneurs.

Adriana Cisneros – Venezuela

Adriana Cisneros was born in Caracas in 1979. She received a BA from Columbia University and then a Masters in Journalism from the University of New York. She grew up surrounded by businessmen since her father Gustavo Cisneros and her grandfather Ricardo Cisneros were already managers of Grupo Cisneros. Now the responsibility of this company was transferred to Adriana Cisneros.

Grupo Cisneros is a company that is responsible for digital entertainment and e-commerce, its content, in Spanish and Portuguese, reaches more than 500 million people. Now Adriana Cisneros commands the Latin American TV industry producing high quality TV series.

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Marcelo Claure – Bolivia

Marcelo Claure is an expert in economics and finance with his education consolidated at Bentley College. He is the founder of Brightstar, a corporation that handles wireless telecommunications and the distribution of cell phones. Since 1997 his company has grown to have a presence in 50 countries and be listed at 8 million dollars.

His venture began in Massachusetts with a small store that sold cell phones. 20 years later he became the executive director of Sprint, which makes him a great director of telecommunications industry. Currently, he continues to expand his wealth by acquiring a Bolivian soccer team and being part of the FIFA board of directors.

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Matías de Tezanos – Guatemala

Matias de Tezano is an Internet entrepreneur. At an early age, he founded one of the most visited Spanish web pages about hotels, called and sold it at 22. Later on, at 26 he would sell another website to Clickdiario. com, the largest digital advertising network.

He also founded HealthCare.Com a site about online medical help. Currently he directs his efforts to, a company dedicated to helping in the development of new technologies and innovation.

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Eduardo Belmont – Peru

Eduardo Belmont, has a low profile, but holds 6.100 million dollars. How do i do it? Since 1988, he works in a large beauty products sales company. This company, Belcorp, has a network of 800,000 beauty consultants and 8,000 employees.

Among its most recognized brands are Cyzone, L’Bel and Ésika, its products are those that generate the most sales as they are the most recognized by Peruvian women. And according to Forbes magazine, Belcorp bills 2,000 million dollars annually.

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María Contreras-Sweet – Mexico

This Mexica became one of the most important Latin American women in the United States, since President Obama appointed her to be head of the small business administration from 2014 to 2017. A mix of business and public officials.

But for Obama to give her that recognition, she had become an important entrepreneur, being the founder of Pro América Bank the only commercial bank located in Los Angeles dedicated to small and medium-sized companies that have a valuation of 4.5 million dollars. A success with a Latin American stamp.

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This is proof that in Latin America there can be progress and companies that measure up internationally. For our part, we want to promote the entrepreneurial culture in the continent and these characters inspire us to fulfill our mission: to spread the crowdfunding culture in Latin America.

If you have an idea for a business and you want funds to start, you can write us in our chat that is open 24 hours and who knows? Maybe you are the next successful Latin American.

Share the success of these entrepreneurs with other Latino brothers. Let them feel very proud of their continent!

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