Once again, we’re here to talk about the achievements of a country in crowdfunding. And this time it’s up to Brazil, a country where a lot of entrepreneurship has been carried out. It’s also known for having people who have started a crowdfunding campaign that achieved their goal. Let’s meet 4 of them.

Crowdfunding in Brazil

Brazil is one of the countries in Latin America that has managed to encourage the proliferation of businesses. As well as projects, social initiatives, dreams, goals… Desires of many people that have been achieved. Precisely through crowdfunding campaigns that have allowed them to achieve the required financing. Let’s see 4 of them:

Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells, a tabletop RPG

For decades, there have been games that allow you to assume a role (usually fictional). That’s what games like Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells are about, a roleplaying game (RPG) in the form of a book that comes with a science fiction space adventure. Which takes place in a post-apocalyptic universe full of cosmic magic.

According to its description, the book contains an approximate 168,000 words and about 370 pages completed. Its crowdfunding campaign was carried out by the Brazilian artist Diogo Nogueira and the group of designers behind the creation of the book. Notably, they managed to raise a total of $7,947 from their goal of $2,000!

Using old technology to give people a new voice

MGov Brazil is an organization that’s responsible for offering tools to society so that it has a voice and vote. Namely, they create tools and communication channels so that the public sector can make known its demand for accessible public policies and actions of social impact. To all0w any person with limited resources to have this possibility.

Since not everyone has access to the Internet with data and smartphones, this organization made a project. Use the “old” technology of SMS text messages and voice messages, taking advantage of the worldwide use of common cell phones. This initiative led to a crowdfunding campaign, which raised its goal of $15,001.

Looking at the Stars, the documentary

In São Paulo, Brazil, there’s a ballet academy that stands out for one particularity: all its apprentices are blind. Both the men and women who practice this elegant dance have the blindness in common within this place. In the Fernanda Bianchini Association, the blind are taught to learn ballet and to become the best in the performing arts.

This inspired Brazilian film director Alexandre Peralta, who decided to make a documentary named Looking at the Stars. Where the lives, stories and experiences of some of the apprentices of this academy are shown. For this, he started a crowdfunding campaign. Which raised its goal of $ 34.505.

Chroma Squad, the Super Sentai simulator

Finally, it’s time to talk about a project in the field of video games. Behold Studios is an indie video game developer from São Paulo, Brazil. Known for titles such as Knights of Pen & Paper and Monster Jam. This time they decided to create a video game called Chroma Squad, an RPG and Super Sentai simulator. Or rather, Power Rangers as it is known in the West.

The game consists of 5 actors who decide to create their own TV series based on the aforementioned tokusatsu series. Where the player has the ability to customize and improve their television studio and improve their weapons. At the time of recording, the player controls the actors fighting in an episode. Its campaign was very successful, raising $97,148 from his goal of $55,000.

Each of these campaigns is a demonstration of the skill and perseverance of Brazilian entrepreneurs. Who decided to resort to crowdfunding as an alternative method of financing, obtaining the money they needed to carry out their projects. In turn, this makes us see that with great effort it’s possible to obtain success.

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In Brazil, crowdfunding opens many doors!