Within the business world, not only men stand out. Women, for centuries, have also performed business and amassed incredible fortunes. But the most impressive thing about these millionaire entrepreneurs is the entrepreneurial spirit they carry inside. For this same reason, we’ll meet 5 successful businesswomen today.

5 successful businesswomen who created lucrative businesses

Currently, they appear on the list of the richest women in the world. With net assets valued in billions of dollars. Each of them forged their businesses with little or no help, which undoubtedly says a lot about the character of these female entrepreneurs. Let’s bow to 5 successful businesswomen who made millions through their skills.

Sophia Amoruso

The case of Sophia Amoruso is worth mentioning. After a long-suffering past and low-wage jobs, this woman started selling second-hand vintage clothes on eBay and in 2006 she founded Nasty Gal, a retail store for young women’s clothing. It was through the sale of clothes on the Internet that this entrepreneur managed to make a fortune of close to $300 million.

Nasty Gal attracted the attention of many young women in social networks and that allowed it to be a very successful and profitable business for Amoruso. At least, until the bankruptcy and subsequent sale of the company in 2017.

Nasty Gal
Sophia Amuroso, founder of Nasty Gal. Source: The Culture Supplier

Tory Burch

This woman was a different case from the rest because she was born considerably privileged. Within a wealthy family and close to the high society of her country. However, that didn’t mean that Tory Burch didn’t prove to be a talented entrepreneur. In this case, talent for fashion design. Burch is known for being the founder of Tory Burch LLC, a well-known American fashion company.

But what stands out in her work, is the creation of fashion trends and luxurious clothes with affordable prices. Having worked for more than 10 years, this American fashion designer managed to create a fortune of more than a billion dollars.

Tory Burch Fashion design
Tory Burch, famous fashion designer and businesswoman. Source: Pinterest

Cher Wang

Our list today continues with a woman from Taiwan. Considered one of the most successful and powerful in the field of technology. Cher Wang is nothing more and nothing less than the CEO and co-founder of HTC Corporation. A manufacturer of smartphones of Taiwanese origin, responsible for the creation of many of them worldwide. And that has manufactured 1 of every 6 smartphones in the United States.

She’s well respected in the field of technology and also for her philanthropic works. Based on all her work, high reputation and knowledge, Wang has accumulated a fortune of approximately $1.1 billion.

HTC Corporation
Cher Wang, CEO of HTC Corporation. Source: CNBC.com

Abigail Johnson

This American entrepreneur is the example that patience and perseverance always pays off. She received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the Harvard Business School. After that, she joined Fidelity Investments, a multinational financial services company. Founded by her own grandfather Edward C. Johnson II in 1946.

Through her vast experience in the world of finance, she was promoted from position to position over the years. In October 2014, she became CEO and president of the company. She owns a high percentage of the shares of the company and a fortune of $15,900 million.

Fidelity Investments
Abigail Johnson, president and CEO of Fidelity Investments. Source: Wall Street Journal

Laurene Powell Jobs

She’s known for being the widow of the late former CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc, Steve Jobs. Even so, Laurene Powell Jobs was known for being not only a skilled businesswoman but also for her own initiative. Since she was the founder and creator of the non-profit organization Emerson Collective. Which looks after education, environmental activism, immigration reform and support for public policy advocates.

On top of having efficient knowledge in administration and management, she has shares in various companies including Apple. And also shares in Walt Disney Company inherited from her deceased husband, of 7.3%. Taking into account that she’s the co-founder of other companies at the same time, Powell owns a fortune of $18,800 million.

Emerson Collective
Laurene Powell Jobs, founder of Emerson Collective. Source: Alux.com

These women used their knowledge, skill and talent to create successful businesses. In the labor and professional field, they provoke a deep respect and at the same time a tremendous admiration. But they show, above all, that women are a formidable force as entrepreneurs.

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These women are outstanding entrepreneurs!