Argentina is a country that has gone through crisis, inflation and economic problems. However, it has an Entrepreneurial Activity Rate of 16% according to the Global Entrepreneuship Monitor (GEM). This means that among its inhabitants, there are people motivated to do business or entrepreneurship. Thus, certain successful business ideas have emerged in Argentina and today we’ll meet 4 of them.

4 business ideas that are successful in Argentina

Within the labor sphere, Argentina has endured ups and downs throughout its history. However, this country is considered among others in Latin America as an emerging economy. And although it has gone through difficult times, this makes its inhabitants look for new business opportunities independently. This is how certain business ideas emerged in Argentina, which will be discussed below:


Because it’s a highly advanced country, Argentina enjoys a culture as vast as its people. Tourism has been growing hand in hand with people who see it as a business opportunity. According to an article on the website Emprender Fácil, Argentines (especially in Buenos Aires) are known by being people who care for their aesthetics, lovers of gourmet food and the pleasures of life, with an interest in cultural activities.

For that same reason, many people have created profitable businesses through tourism. In 2016, Argentina was ranked 23 in the National Meeting Tourism Ranking (in the MICE website). But recently in 2017, it reached the 19th position. This has brought advantage to Argentina as a commercial country in terms of tourism. Even over other countries such as Japan, China and Brazil.

avantrip argentina business
In Argentina there are many tourism agencies that drive this business, one of them is Avantrip. Source: Business Trend

Business consulting

Another profitable business in Argentina, referenced numerous times, is business consulting. In fact, it’s a great trend within this Latin American country. There’s a reason for this, according to an article written by the digital marketing website Apparently, there are Argentine businessmen who, whenever they venture into a business, make the mistake of doing so without exploring the market that surrounds it.

For this reason, it’s very profitable to create a company on business consulting if you have enough experience to do so. In Argentina, there are several aspects of this business: market consulting, sports consultancy, business coaching, etc. This business lends itself a lot to work in the area of ​​human resources within companies.

business consulting in argentina
Consulting isn’t limited only to business or sports. It can cover legal matters, communication, technology, engineering, etc. Which means opportunities for Argentina.


There are successful businesses in Argentina based on the planting of vines and subsequent production of grapes. In fact, their wines have been victorious in the International Wine Challenge (IWC). An example is Schroeder Estate Malbec, a wine from the Argentinian Patagonia that won the gold medal in the 2016 edition. In a nation producing fine wines, the demand for grapes is always high every year.

Pablo Goldemberg, director of the private vineyard company The Vines of Mendoza, said something on the matter. That in 2017 more than 1.8 million kilos of grapes were sold at $1.5 per kilo. Only for the making of Malbec. While it may be a profitable business, it requires a considerable amount of money to invest. Specifically in the purchase of a vineyard per acre, equivalent to a certain amount of hectares.

how to make a business with vineyards in argentina
According to a report in the ALnavío digital newspaper, $85,000 per acre is needed to acquire a 3 to 5 acre vineyard in Argentina. And an annual cost of cultivation and maintenance of $10,000 per hectare.


This area has a lot of prominence within Argentina. The marketing company HubSpot conducted a survey to marketers and sales representatives in this country. Obtaining interesting and recent data through it. For example, 65% of Argentine companies believe that their marketing strategy is correct. And 69% of these plan to grow or maintain their sales teams.

Of course, this isn’t limited to a single slope. From digital marketing to the traditional one that’s still in force, this business has high demand in Argentina. But everything under the line of inbound marketing, which according to the survey mentioned above, is applied by 75% of Argentine companies. Taking this into account, it can be said that creating a marketing-based business within Argentina can be profitable.

business marketing argentina
Digital marketing has a strong presence in Argentina. According to HubSpot, 78% of Argentine companies consider that sales opportunities come through leads and traffic generated by marketing and sales.

Each of these business ideas share something in common. They enjoy great success in Argentina and anyone with enough time, money and resources can benefit from them. As always, what matters is to have the wit to make the right decisions and have an eye for business.

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