In the past we already had the chance to talk about some strange crowdfunding campaigns. But, to tell the truth, we’ve fallen short. The truth is that there’s still a lot to choose from when it comes to rare campaigns financed through crowdfunding. Therefore, today we’ll see 5 of them.

Strange crowdfunding campaigns

We can say for sure that crowdfunding allows you to finance anything at all. Practically, anything at all. Nothing escapes it. The proof? These crowdfunding campaigns that, no matter how strange or unusual, managed to raise money. Even more than several projects meant to be serious. Let’s see what they are.

Pirate Pancake Griddle

If you like pancakes and pirates, you may like this campaign a lot. Joe Sandor developed a pancake griddle with a pirate skull design. They were elaborated through 3D modeling and then taken to a prototype made of iron. From which came out this very curious and funny-looking griddle.

It should be noted that since it’s a cookware mold, it can also be used to fry eggs and cook corn cakes. The campaign attracted a lot of attention at the time, which also attracted many contributors. Through it, they were able to raise a total of $18,633 from their initial goal of $13,000.

Pirate Pancake Crowdfunding
Admittedly, despite having an unusual appearance, pirate pancakes look fun and promise to be a delicious option for your breakfast. Source: Kickstarter

Sprayable Energy

Do you need energy in the morning but want to avoid energy drinks? Don’t worry, Sprayable Energy has the solution for you. It consists of an atomizer whose content is made with caffeine. Since it’s a substance that’s hardly soluble in water, it was possible to make it five times more soluble by combining caffeine with another substance. Tyrosine, or rather, a derivative of this amino acid.

To apply it, it should be sprayed 2 to 4 times on the skin depending on how much energy you need. It’s a colorless and odorless substance, it’s doesn’t stain or and can’t be felt on the skin. Its creators note that caffeine can enter our bodies naturally through the skin. Passing through the cell membranes. This campaign raised a total of $169,891, higher than its goal of only $15,000.

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Shield, signal-proof headwear

You’ve probably seen on TV that electromagnetic waves can cause cancer. Like those that come from Wi-Fi, telephone signals or microwaves. We understand that this can cause a lot of stress and anxiety to many people. Therefore, someone had the idea of ​​removing these concerns creating Shield, a series of headwear that protect against these waves.

They also protect your head against radiation. It doesn’t block everything at 100%, but its creators openly recommend it as a good option to avoid exposure. It’s resistant to bacteria, microbes, odors and static. They come in the form of beanies and caps, being easy to care for and wash as described on their page. It managed to raise £13,834 from his goal of £13,000.

Shield Kickstarter
We agree that it’s not as strange as it seems, you could wear one and not lose your style. Source: Kickstarter

Ostrich Pillow

We continue with something for those who love naps. Or for those who simply need to rest from time to time to continue with work. The Ostrich Pillow is an invention of the company of the same name, Ostrich Pillow. It’s a pillow designed to allow taking naps anywhere. At work, the train station, airports, bookstores… You name it!

It can be used either on a table or placed on top of the head to cover it entirely. It remains at the user’s choice. The truth is that it guarantees comfort and rest anywhere. Although… being in a public place and wearing one can make you look pretty strange. And the ostrich pillow has a rather peculiar shape.

Ostrich Pillow Crowdfunding
So you can sleep during those short hours of rest at work. Source: Kickstarter

Candwich, canned sandwiches

Well, the title says it all. But let’s not fall into hasty conclusions. Candwich is undoubtedly more than it seems. It’s accurate to say that without a doubt it’s a brand of canned sandwiches. But not literally. It’s also known for being a ready-to-eat sandwich that doesn’t require heating. And it also comes in several flavors.

Flavors such as bacon cheddar, honey BBQ chicken, PB&J grape and chocolate-filled french toast. Unusual combinations that’ll make an explosion of flavors in your mouth. As expected, it won the love and affection of many people. Therefore, its crowdfunding campaign raised its total goal of $11,285. Also, its campaign’s pitch video is very cool.

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If they succeeded, what’s stopping you…?