A lot of people have a fever for Star Wars and Hasbro took advantage of this to create an interesting crowdfunding campaign for fans of Star Wars.

For this the company created Haslab, an initiative that involves collectors and lovers of action figures in the creation of the toys of their dreams. With Haslab, investors can pre-order their product and receive exclusive notifications of the creation of this.

Hasbro unveiled his proposal the Toy Fair of 2018 and captured the attention of all the fans of the Star Wars. The reason? It is a scale recreation of the ship of Jabba from the chapter the Return of the Jedi, a work of 4 feet long.

The Haslab initiative was also quite daring, since they worked with an all-or-nothing principle. The proposal was that if they reached the goal, the product would be launched and delivered to all those who pre-ordered their ship. If the goal is not reached, the production of the toy will be canceled and the money returned to those who invested.

Another factor of Haslab is that it works for limited products that are quite original, quite creative but very expensive to mass produce them. So they prefer to give fans of the mara a product that is practically exclusive.

The removable panels and the interior design of the ship allow the fans to recreate and reinvent the scenes of the films with their dioramas. Any collector or fan of the Star Wars saga would be delighted with this product. And if that were not enough, the ship includes its own figure of Jabba and Yak Face.

Meet The Crowdfunding Campaign Launched by Hasbro 1

The goal was to reach 5,000 investors and fortunately they were able to surpass that goal, achieving 8,810 preorders. This time the help of fans of the saga was crucial to reach the goal. Now lack patience, see the progress of the product and hope it reaches the homes of each of the fans.

The value of the details

The appeal of this product is in the details. The big fans of the franchise want to have an experience like feeling in the very set of Star Wars, in this case, the structure, the color, and the internal art is enough faithful to the original film, anyone would be delighted.

Hasbro played it very well to create a campaign with a vintage air, since the retro style is fashionable and we can see it by the success of the campaign and the success of the new films of the war of the galaxies.

Meet The Crowdfunding Campaign Launched by Hasbro 2

According to Valentí Acconcia, specialist in crowdfunding, the success of this campaign is because it is classic, everyone is familiar with the Star Wars saga and attention to the details of the product.

That is what crowdfunding is about to support an initiative that you like and promote it on social networks. If it were not for this reason, it would not have been possible to create this replica of the floating ship.

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