You are looking for a new pair of shoes and after trying a couple you discover in the same shoe box that your purchase will help someone else. This is the case of solidarity of the Toms shoes that since its creation donates a pair of shoes to a child from anywhere in the world.

The effect that Toms has on your brand is that it inspires collaboration, since knowing that buying a product can help someone else is a decisive factor when choosing. This is what the One-for-One movement is about, buying a product and knowing that someone else is benefiting from that.

The creator Blake Mycoskie, after a visit to Argentina, thought that there should be a profit-oriented company that was sustainable and that depended on donations. This is how Toms was born in 2006. Since then, he has donated more than 2 million shoes to underprivileged children in more than 51 countries in 2013.

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But it is not just a pair of shoes, Mycoskie has gone much further, now it is a company that provides vision care, education, safe deliveries and social support. This is more than a commercial company, it is a company with a whole range of products that seek to make the earth a better place.

Learned lessons

At first the critics doubted that if the model of giving to give, was the most appropriate to help in situations of poverty. At least, through the New York Times blog a columnist expresses his distrust of the brand as he considers that giving away shoes is not the best way to end poverty.

The columnist justifies that donating shoes does not attack the real reason why children do not have shoes: the lack of job opportunities and the lack of jobs.

However, the shoe company did not turn a deaf ear to this. For several years, it has supported social entrepreneurship by financing startups that also seek to make a significant change in the world. According to the official website, more than 700 jobs have been generated and more than 20 emerging businesses have been financed.

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All the activities

It is proven that customers are more likely to make a purchase when they know that the company performs some kind of social work. That’s why using a Toms product is a symbol of conscience about the world.

Shoes Donation

The idea of ​​Toms began with the sale of shoes and the principle of donating a pair of shoes for each purchase. This is achieved by the alliances of the company with more than 75 voluntary foundations that donate the ability to give shoes.

To date, more than 35 million shoes have been produced in around 60 different countries.

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Vision care

According to the sources of the organization 285 million people suffer from vision problems, of these 80% can be improved with the respective treatment. The best thing about this initiative is that when dealing with the sight problems of a person or a child it is that you help him to reach his independence and to facilitate his education.

Patients receive medical attention, surgery (if necessary) and a brand lens.

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Children receiving medical attention from Toms. Source: Toms

Access to Water

In 2014, Toms manages to take another product to market, which are his coffee bags. In the packaging of the product is the notice that explains that with the purchase of the bag would be helping some people who do not have access to water systems.

The generation of water systems has promoted health, hygiene and sustainable work in 7 countries where this project is located.

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Packing the Toms coffee bag. Source: SpoonUniversity

Safe Birth

Another important mission of the company is the collaboration with the safe deliveries of hundreds of mothers. According to the United Nations Population Fund, the training of personnel and adequate material reduces by 80% the chances of contracting an infection during the part and halves the risk of death of newborns.

This is precisely the work of Toms, provide material and train the staff to perform these operations.

Solidarity Cases: The Toms Shoes 6
By purchasing a Toms´s bag, Toms trains staff to provide medical services and delivery care. Source: Brit

Without a doubt, Toms is one of those brands that inspire more than selling a simple product. Thinking that buying a shoe or a simple bag of coffee can help the world is something that few companies offer.

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Toms is an example of a social enterprise