Crowdfunding is a topic that remains unknown to most people. It’s quite unfortunate, since millions of Latin Americans want to fulfill their dreams. According to the World Bank, 4 out of 10 hispanic households are at risk of going into extreme poverty. That’s when SOLIDARIDAD LATINA comes, a platform that seeks to put crowdfunding in the hands of Latin America.

Crowdfunding in Latin America

Although poorly, crowdfunding is already known in some Latin American countries. Let’s agree that Latino American entrepreneurs of this continent achieved incredible feats. Such as Argentinean Tomas Pierucci, who made a crowdfunding campaign to finance the launch of Bluesmart. A smart suitcase with GPS, lock via Bluetooth and rechargeable battery with USB.

However, most Latino Americans still don’t know crowdfunding or simply discard its use. Considering it an “unsafe” or a more effective financing method in continents like North America or Europe. At SOLIDARIDAD LATINA, we’re aware of the concern that Latinos feel when they hear about it.

Crowdfunding Statistics
According to statistics from, through crowdfunding campaigns in 2012, $1,606 million were raised in North America. While South America is near the end, with just $0.8 million raised. Source: Megafounder

That’s why we want to be the first ones to consolidate its use in our continent. Making a platform aimed at Latino Americans anywhere in the world. This is when a very important factor comes in. Due to the unstable economy of certain Latin American countries, obtaining financing with their local currencies becomes unviable.

Therefore, what did we decide to do instead of being a Latin American crowdfunding platform that uses local currencies? Simple. In the United States there are more than 55 million Hispanics. And 25 million of them have access to the American currency: the US dollar. One of the strongest currencies in the world especially if you compare it with Latin American currencies. Taking this into account, SOLIDARIDAD LATINA seeks to encourage these Latinos in the USA to contribute money (in USD) to help Latinos abroad.

From the United States to Latin America

SOLIDARIDAD LATINA is a crowdfunding platform based in Miami, Florida. Our goal is that Latino Americans who wish to fulfill their dreams and require financing can do so without leaving their countries. Through the help of Latin Americans residing in the United States who can dispose of any amount of dollars to satisfy those needs. Not only to do business or entrepreneurship, but also for more personal and charitable causes.

How do we know about the potential of Latin Americans living in the USA? Due to the great influx of dollar remittances that Latino American immigrants send to their relatives who still live abroad. In them, we see the opportunity that many entrepreneurs and dreamers don’t have, to obtain financing with a strong currency and of greater economic value. That’s what SOLIDARIDAD LATINA is all about, be the first North American crowdfunding platform aimed at Latin America.

Not only do we want to allow Latino Americans to have access to financing with US currency. We also want to make crowdfunding more than a trend in Latin America. Turn it into a new option (and opportunity) for Hispanics from anywhere in the world. With the objetive of promoting business, economy, progress and great achievements in our continent. So that they become as big as the endeavors and achievements of other countries.

Do you have a dream, a necessity or something that you have always wanted to do? Have you felt frustrated when you sense that you don’t have the money to fulfill it? If so, we want to give you the solution you’ve been looking for. We want to allow Latin Americans to achieve their goals without worrying about the economy of their countries. And that they can also do it from anywhere in the world and with the help of Latinos with access to the American currency.

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