Many social causes funded with crowdfunding have been seen around the world. This is because this method of financing is ideal for non-profit organizations or for people who want to take action independently. One way or another, we have some of them that have been financed with crowdfunding.

Social causes and crowdfunding

As we explained earlier, crowdfunding allows certain organizations or people to support social causes. As for example: fight extreme poverty, feed malnourished children, help sick people, among others. Nowadays it’s very common to see campaigns aimed at solving problems of our society.

For that same reason, it’s worth looking at some campaigns that aimed to help solve one of these problems. What teaches us that anyone can take the initiative to support their community for the common good. Let’s see them:

Susan G. Komen in Minnesota

The American organization Susan G. Komen has been known for its fight against breast cancer. It has expanded in countries around the world and seeks to create special programs to help affected women in particular places and cultures. The headquarters of this organization in Minnesota began a campaign to continue its work in this state.


Susan G Komen Minnesota
The Susan G. Komen organization in Minnesota has a group of women who are responsible for raising funds through various campaigns. Source: Susan G. Komen Minnesota

Another one of their activities is to conduct research to find treatment and cure for breast cancer. Susan G. Komen Minnesota also seeks (through fundraising) to help other non-profit organizations that fight against this disease. Their crowdfunding campaigns have allowed them to get $257,921 for the time being.

A “magical palace” for children in Mongolia

A group of volunteers from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development wanted to do something special. Make a crowdfunding campaign to support the non-profit organization Lantuun Dohio, with the aim of creating a community education and protection center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Especially for children located in its poorest areas.

This center is a project called “Magic Mongolia” and is designed to house 25 to 30 children. In this place, they can receive protection and professional help so that they can grow up in a healthy enviroment. Where they can make friends with other children and develop their skills. Through the support of 19 people, they managed to meet their goal and raise £50,937.

Giving dogs a second chance

In the state of Arizona in the United States there’s a non-profit organization that’s like a sanctuary for dogs. It’s called 2nd Chance Dog Rescue and is run by a group of people who love these animals with great passion. However, they found themselves in a serious predicament when the land where they were located was put up for sale.

Since it wasn’t their property, they were forced to raise money to buy it. Since its owner was not willing to cooperate and asked them to vacate the place within 30 days. After a long battle that lasted years and many difficult moments, they managed to save the home of their adorable dogs. Raising a total of $250,000 to buy the land.

Just as these organizations created their crowdfunding campaigns, many others continue to do so to obtain funds. Since obtaining them is one of the biggest challenges that they have nowadays. Although in any case, a very well organized campaign can be successful and these 3 examples prove it.

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