What is the best virtue to succeed in crowdfunding? Leadership? Creativity? To have a successful campaign leaders must make a study of their strengths and weaknesses. However, this is the series of characteristics and skills that have the winners in crowdfunding.

There are certain characteristics that the leaders of a collective financing campaign need for them to be successful. For example, being exhaustive allows you to search offline alternatives to promote your idea, which is a necessary strategy to succeed in crowdfunding.

It should be noted that you can not run a crowdfunding campaign alone, as it is a lot of work for just one person. The ideal is to create a team of people to help you in your weaknesses and together to reach the goal.


The design of a campaign is an anchor to reach the goal, so creativity is an essential skill for crowdfunding. You need to create attractive images and a video that hooks with your community.

Creativity not only remains in the graphic part, but in the content that describes the campaign, if you are good at writing you can creatively convey the objectives of your crowdfunding campaign. The design of the campaign can be the most fun part of crowdfunding, so you can have a good time planning an idea for your project.

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A good seller

To reach the goal you also need to be a good seller. Why? Because although it is not the conventional way of selling and buying, if you need some principles of marketing to make an idea known. Remember that collective financing is about convincing a series of people to donate to a project and for that you need a good salesperson.

A psychological trick to sell better is to put yourself in the shoes of the client to understand more clearly the needs of users, in other words, being empathetic is a good strategy to persuade others, so advises the Personal Finance portal.

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If you think that crowdfunding is an improvised act, we start badly, because on the contrary, it needs a lot of planning, in fact, it is advisable to dedicate at least 2 months of preparation before publishing the campaign.

Creating a financial plan that explains in detail the steps to attract donors and marketing strategies from beginning to end is worthwhile and that will be reflected when the campaign has reached its goal.

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An effective strategy consists of a calendar in which the efforts and activities that were made at the beginning, development and end of the crowdfunding campaign are established.


Pay attention to the details and use all possible resources. Being thorough allows you to be a retailer to detect weaknesses in your campaign and be able to work with them, it also helps you to detect opportunities to promote your initiative.

A good campaign leader is able to recognize offline places to publicize his crowdfunding project, this allows him to spread the word of mouth or organize events to benefit his endeavor.

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At the beginning of this post we said that leading a crowdfunding campaign is a lot of work for just one person, however, you can be the leader of this team of people who will help you to promote your idea. A good leader is one who knows how to direct, delegate and trust other people to reach a goal.

Even take your crowdfunding campaign you can teach several skills to be a better leader, for example, arikovani blog explains that leading a crowdfunding campaign teaches you to build better relationships with other people and be better focused with the objectives you have in your project.

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If you suffer from some of these characteristics Do not worry! Remember that you have a team that in addition to helping you can complement you in the skills you lack, in case you are not so creative.

As an example, you can look for a person who is more creative to contribute in the graphic material of the campaign or if it costs you to realize the small details, you can look for support in a person that is sufficiently exhaustive.

Thanks for reading this article! Now that you know the skills that are needed in crowdfunding share this information with your friends so that everyone can reach the goal.

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