One of the things that causes mistrust in crowdfunding is the distrust at the time of delivering the rewards, although they are rare cases, they tend to happen, as was the case with the Skarp shavers that left everyone waiting for their audience.

If they rejected a project from a platform, for sure there was a very good reason, such as the scam. The Skarp campaign is a very particular example of this.

What is Skarp? This product seeks to be the first razor that works with laser without hurting the consumer. It sounds like an interesting proposal, right? Well, we are sorry to tell you that everything indicates that it is a scam.

The failure of the first campaign

The first campaign came to 4 million dollars in Kickstarter, but the platform’s supervisors before the scam alerts decided to cancel the campaign and return the money to the contributors, to protect them.

The problem with this proposal was that it was “too good to be real”. Okay, an analysis carried out by youtuber “GoKickMe” specialized in crowdfunding, could notice that the creators did not have a 100% functional prototype and that could be one of the reasons why Kickstarter was banned, since this platform is quite strict with the prototypes.

The second detail that caught the attention was that in the video the creators ask for money for the commercial production of the prototype and the updates show that the product is still in process, so it senses that the shaver was not quite ready to be commercialized, that has been extended so much his delivery.

Even so, the creators wanted – as it says – to continue making theirs and continue with the sale of their product. For that reason, they published their prototype again in another crowdfunding platform, with which they exceeded the price of the goal, but they have not responded to all those who collaborated in the campaign.

Skarp’s second attempt

What we could notice is that the second campaign met much less than the first, that is, they had less support this time. However, it is impressive that they have raised the considerable amount of $ 507,810 in 2015 and still, three years later, do not give answers of the rewards.

In an interview in 2016 for the Cnet portal, Will King the advisor and marketing manager of Skarp responded that there were still many processes that were being carried out such as getting a medical certification and perfecting the laser fiber of the shaver.

Skarp, The Shavers Financed With Crowdfunding That Were Never Delivered 1

One of the ads that disappointed the most was that they delayed the delivery of the product, on top of that, King established that there would be no refund of the money, since they promised that they would deliver the shavers. However, two years after the interview, the contributors still do not have the device in their hands.

What are the conclusions?

From the first one criticized that in the video of the campaign where they tested the prototype, they noticed that it was not of quality since the way of shaving was not sufficiently neat and did not do justice to the technology that they were using. For many this was a warning signal.

Even so it is impressive the amount of money they could collect in both campaigns, however the time it has taken to deliver the Skarp leaves a lot to be desired about the founders of the campaign.

What resulted from this campaign were complaints, bad comments on the origin platform, on Facebook and on the Reddit social network.


These are the types of actions that should be avoided in crowdfunding campaigns, in a previous post we teach some tricks to defend against these cases and not donate in these types of campaigns.

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Avoid failures like Skarp shavers