This new form of economics under the expression “what’s mine is yours” is also known as collaborative consumption. It’s greatly impacting the sectors of economic life by being a disruptive agent that has just arrived at the hegemonies in the sectors. The numbers that are collected by various investigations speak of more than 28,000 million in commercial exchange only in the European Union for 2015. With an estimate of reaching 575,000 million according to the expert Rachel Botsman. In which the number of actors exchanging under this scheme is estimated at the minimum number of 150 million people in the next year.

Sharing economy and its impact

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the World Economic Forum (IMF), predicted an economic growth of 3.9%. Regarding 120 countries, with stagnation over 68 countries and overdraft in 6 more, in order to conclude the analysis of a total of 194 nations that are evaluated. Where the risks are focused on the tax reforms of the United States that are led by President Donald Trump. Which is warning about the dangers of inequality in the world and how it threatens globalization. Certainly the issue of inequality is the center of these meetings.

Already last year, the Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (OXFAM) supported the magazine FORBES, expressed that: only in 8 people rests the same wealth as the poorest half of humanity. This implies that this group of successful entrepreneurs (from Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and then with Michael Bloomberg) adding up their fortunes represent 426,000 million versus 409,000 million divided among 3,600 million people. No doubt wanting to equalize in terms of income with each other with similar seems a titanic task not to say impossible to focus on equality in income.

Sharing Economy: An Advance In Business 1
India is one of the countries in the world with the highest poverty rates. Where many mothers struggle from adolescence to cope with adversity. Source: NewsGram

It is likely that part of the solution is equal opportunity for success. Namely, in the creation of a space of opportunities to achieve economic success that allows us to fully develop the potential of entrepreneurs. It’s there where activities such as the World Economic Forum, with a robust agenda of powerful content, serve to create a space of understanding and unification of efforts. Making a strong ground for the actions of the year, however, a missing issue among the priorities was the collaborative economy and its impact in the future. And how can it end up being part of the solution for building equal opportunities.

As the future of business

Why is this modality so attractive? Most likely because as it’s supported by technology, it allows everyone to participate as suppliers and demanders. Among the most noted examples we see Airbnb, where you can have a host or guest available in someone’s home while on vacation. Or as we left the bitcoin, which as a reserve of value advances it’s gaining confidence and today exceeds gold in its value. And about Uber, present in more than 77 countries with more than 8 million users, which surpasses Ford. And so we see how each sector is being approached by new actors in this dynamic that change the game’s rules.

Sharing Economy: An Advance In Business 2
Uber is one of the most successful sharing economy services in the world. The concept of its business has been imitated in other countries. Source: Plano Informativo

Among them are financing for entrepreneurship and support for causes. Where even banks don’t have an adjusted response to the new times against crowdfunding. Which are these platforms that connect entrepreneurs. And they do it with people who are willing to provide financial support for a change of very little or even nothing. We have as an example platforms such as SOLIDARIDAD LATINA and Kickstarter. And as they’re part of this exponential move, are contributing to a change in the world by providing equality in opportunities.

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