One of the things that interests us most in a crowdfunding campaign is promotion. And techniques to promote, there are many to choose. But one of the most often ignored is the Internet. For that same reason, today we’re going to talk about search engine optimization (SEO). A way in which people not only sell, but also allow themselves to become known.

4 simple SEO techniques for your crowdfunding campaign

The search engine optimization consists of any initiative to improve the visibility of a web page in Internet search engines. Ergo, allow it to appear in the first results of web search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing when keywords are written. This can be used for a crowdfunding campaign, learn how to:

1. Create a blog and write attractive articles

Blogging has always been an effective technique to attract visitors. You can create your own blog or ask someone to write about your campaign. So that people can find it more easily through various keywords. For this, the titles of your articles must include these keywords of very recurrent searches so that they appear in the results.

Create Blog SEO Crowdfunding

2. Post a video on YouTube of your campaign

Many times you’ve seen us say that every crowdfunding campaign should have a video. It’s for a good reason, a video can allow you not only to give a good presentation of it but for other reasons. If you post the video of your campaign on YouTube and put an attractive title with keywords, it’ll automatically be more likely to appear on search engines.

Crowdfunding Video YouTube SEO

3. Use a landing page

A landing page is a web page to which someone is redirected after clicking on an advertisement on the Internet. The idea is that through it, people can subscribe to a mailing list so you can send them e-mails. But since it’s a personal website, you can put a header (web title) with keywords and you can appear in search engines.

landing page crowdfunding seo

4. Promote your content and/or seek a specialist

On the Internet, you can hire specialists or services to improve the SEO of your content. Whether you post on a blog, on social networks or anywhere on the Internet. For example, Google has its own SEO consulting service and another where you can pay to have your website or campaign link appear in your search engine. In this case when you write keywords in it.

Promote Content SEO Crowdfunding

Applying basic SEO techniques can help you boost your crowdfunding campaign. The point is to write and add specific keywords to your content. So that if they coincide with very recurrent specific searches they can be found more easily. Although it seems simple, it’s an excellent tool to make your campaign known.

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