Quite often, it happens that a crowdfunding campaign starts but it collects little or no money. Especially during its beginning, one of the most crucial moments. If this is your case, don’t lose hope! There are several ways to save a crowdfunding campaign from an imminent failure. And today you’ll learn how you can do it on your own.

How to save a crowdfunding campaign from failure

If you’re here, you probably have a crowdfunding campaign in progress. That has raised very little money to be able to say that it’ll succeed in the end. Although this is inconvenient, there’s no reason to feel bad. It’s usual that someone (especially for the first time) cannot foresee possible failures that may occur. But if you still have a lot of time left, you still have the possibility to rescue your campaign.

These tips under no circumstances guarantee that any campaign can be saved. Everything will depend on certain factors that we’ll talk about later. But if you know how to act, have time and resources, you be sure that there’s still hope. Let’s then talk about what you should take into account and what you should do to be able to save a crowdfunding campaign.

Take into account what stage you’re in and how much time you have left

First of all, determine what stage of your campaign you’re in and how much time you have left over. The earlier, the better. The ideal scenario occurs when you still have 3 or 4 weeks of campaign left, at least. If you’re during the last days of your campaign and you have less than half of your goal raised, it’ll be difficult to rescue it. If you notice that during the beginning you raise little money, start acting.

how to save crowdfunding campaign time
The remaining time is vital to know if there’s still a possibility to save a campaign. Because basically you would have to do things that you should have done two months in advance.

Find out what went wrong during the preparation of the campaign

If you’re not raising money during the start of your campaign, analyze the cause. Every crowdfunding campaign that pursues success must have worked to obtain it. In our blog, you’ll find an entry that explains in summary what’s needed to reach the goal. Once you can identify what the problem is, you’ll have a better idea of ​​what you can do about it.

analyze mistakes crowdfunding campaign
Did you take enough time to prepare your campaign? One of the most necessary actions is to ensure contributions at the beginning. Through your family, friends and early birds.

Retrieve your community

We say “retrieve” for good reasons. If you built a community of followers to support your campaign, your job is to motivate them to support you again. Interact with them on social networks, send emails and make sure that what you offer them is attractive enough. If you lack people who support your campaign, you’ll hardly be able to save it.

retrieve community audience crowdfunding campaign
You need to have a group of people who are willing to contribute to your campaign. To do this, they take at least two months to build a community of followers both on and off the Internet.

Change your campaign’s presentation

This includes the description and the rewards. The pitch video can nchanged in most cases. But also the rest. If you didn’t explain the idea behind your campaign well, go deep and correct that mistake. Add graphics (images, videos, GIFs) that explain everything with details. And modify your rewards/perks, because they may not be valuable enough to motivate contributions.

presentation crowdfunding campaign
The video, the description and the rewards of your campaign (the presentation in a whole) are important. Don’t hesitate to change them or update them if they are deficient. Source: Art of the Kickstart

Modify your promotion strategy

Without promotion, there are no contributions. You should look for a different way of approaching people. To do this you must change the way you promoted your campaign. Start with your family and friends, use the means you have to motivate them to contribute as much money as possible. After that, continue with your community of supporters. Don’t limit yourself to social networks, use other means!

change promotion strategy crowdfunding campaign
The pitch video, the description and the rewards of your campaign (the presentation in a whole) are important. Don’t hesitate to change them or update them if they’re deficient. Source: digitalterra

Knowing how to recognize when things aren’t going well and acting as soon as possible is crucial. Saving a crowdfunding campaign requires knowing how to react to the circumstances. And it’ll depend on if you managed to meet certain conditions that’ll determine if there are still opportunities. The best thing that can be done to save a campaign is to prevent these problems with good preparation.

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Act with time and save your campaign!