YouTube is one of those websites that allows people to live doing what they love to do. The industry has allowed all kinds of people to make money from entertaining videos. So much that almost anyone can do it without any discrimination. Like Ryan, a child made YouTuber and who’s now doing business with Walmart.

Ryan and his story on YouTube

How a child managed to become a YouTuber? Let’s take a trip to the past. For many years, Ryan has always been a huge fan of  toy review videos on YouTube. His favorite channel was EvanTubeHD, which made videos of toys about one of his favorite characters: Thomas The Tank Engine. When he saw other children doing this on YouTube, he asked his parents why he couldn’t do the same.

At that time, her mother agreed and resigned her job as a chemistry teacher in a high school. And in March 2015, she dedicated herself to creating and producing videos for her son’s channel: Ryan ToysReview. During its first months, the channel didn’t have many views. But it managed to reach a lot of traffic thanks to a video that went viral. Which you can see below:

This video obtained more than 900 million views. From there, the channel began to obtain frequent visits and currently holds more than 16 million subscribers. The formula of the videos consists of Ryan trying out some toy (or product) aimed at children. And later giving his own review of the product or toy thanks to the help of his parents (who support him behind the scenes).

This isn’t everything. According to Forbes’ annual list of YouTube personalities with the highest incomes in 2017, Ryan’s channel generated $11 million in pre-tax revenue. Which positions it as the eighth YouTube channel with the highest profits in the world. According to an interview with The Verge, Ryan’s mother says that everything has been a fun experience for her son. Who gets excited every time he’s going to record a new video.

Business with Walmart

For reasons of security and privacy, the surname and location of Ryan are kept secret. As well as the names of their parents. However, his videos have influenced the toy industry and have also attracted the attention of a distinctly child audience. Thousands of children actively watch Ryan’s videos and this has had an impact on toy sales. Mainly in the United States.

All this influence has allowed Ryan’s family to do business with large companies. Particularly Walmart, through which they launched a new line of toys called Ryan’s World. Which consists of a large “mysterious egg” that contains surprise toys. This was possible thanks to a partnership with the toy company Bonkers Toys. Which collaborates with Ryan’s channel.

Ryan YouTuber Toys
Thanks to his influence as YouTuber, Ryan has managed to partner with various toy companies. Source:

Currently, Ryan is considered the youngest YouTube star to exist. His fan club, as we said before, consists of young children like him who are also passionate about toys. This has even come to inspire several of them, who have also created their own spaces on YouTube to do the same as him. This large number of children fans make up most of the visits to Ryan’s channel.

And like any other YouTuber the more subscribers and visitors he has, the better. This evidently implies the monetization of the videos and the inclusion of advertising. And in the case of Ryan, advertising clearly aimed at children who make up his audience. This explains why different companies choose to associate with his channel as a way to connect with other children and increase their sales.

When someone knows how to approach a specific audience, the results can be very beneficial. This is what happened with Ryan, who managed to create his own community of followers. With great security, other children like him could also create their own channels on YouTube. And who knows? They could be as famous as Ryan and his review channel.

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Ryan is a lucky child without a doubt!