One of the most crucial parts of any crowdfunding campaign is the delivery of rewards. Rewards are a mechanism to attract contributions from people. Something of value is offered in exchange for obtaining the money required. And today we’ll give you 4 resources to carry this out in your campaign.

4 resources to effect the delivery of rewards in crowdfunding

If you plan to offer rewards in your crowdfunding campaign to get more money, you should be responsible. Some very successful campaigns ended up stalling due to the fact that the delivery of rewards couldn’t be fulfilled. To prevent this from happening to you, we’ll give you 4 resources to take into account.

1. Calculate the unit costs of your rewards

This is something that must be done before launching the campaign. The costs will depend on the size, design and materials that make up the reward as such. You can allocate a portion of the money you collect in your campaign to determine if you can deliver the rewards to all your contributors.

In some cases, you may have to use your own money. Once you know that you can meet the rewards delivery, be sure to cover other aspects. As are the production of rewards (molds, art design, etc.)

Costs Rewards Crowdfunding

2. Do business with a proper shipping company

In a crowdfunding campaign, it’s very likely that you’ll find contributors from various parts of the world. That’s why some crowdfunding platforms allow you to specify to which countries you’ll give rewards. In the event that you’re going to deliver them to contributors from several countries or from all of them.

You can seek to do business with companies of international or domestic shipments as the case may be. Some crowdfunding platforms offer this kind of services while others don’t. Determine what kind of products you’re going to create and to whom you’re going to offer them.

Companies Shipping Rewards Crowdfunding

3. Create a list of contact information for your contributors

Pay attention to the people who make contributions and choose to receive some of your rewards. Crowdfunding platforms usually retain and provide contact information for contributors to campaign owners. That way, they can send emails to their people to announce when the rewards will be delivered.

Keep your contributors informed when they’ve opted for a reward. It’s important to demonstrate responsibility in doing so since that will speak very well of your work as an entrepreneur. Once you have the complete list of contact information, keep in close contact. And it fulfills the procedures for the delivery of rewards.

Contact Information Backers Crowdfunding

4. Learn about how to make the billing

Billing is a crucial part of reward delivery. Through it, one takes note of the product that the contributors “bought” according to the tax law. In this case, the tax law of the country of origin of the crowdfunding platform in question.

Take this very seriously, you may have to hire a public accountant or do spreadsheets. Everything as required by the local tax law. You can request the support of the crowdfunding platform in question to help you how to do it. But it’s important that you don’t skip this step.

Billing Crowdfunding

Carrying out a crowdfunding campaign with rewards implies delivering them. That’s why we encourage you to use these resources in the best possible way. You can use your own means to deliver the rewards. But consider preparing to deliver them appropriately and responsibly.

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Don’t neglect the delivery of rewards!