Apple, since its arrival in the market in 1976, changed our lives with innovative technology. Like any company with a long time of existence, it has had ups and downs during its development. Which didn’t prevent it from being declared one of the best technology companies of 2018 by Forbes magazine. Today we’ll see 6 reasons for this.

6 reasons why Apple continues to lead the technology market

Some experts claim that Apple hasn’t had other innovative successes since the first-gen iPad in 2010. Again, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t continue to be a successful company. In 2017, it raised revenues of $229.2 billion and by January 2018, it was valued at more than $900 billion. But it’s time to explain in depth why:

1. It lives from its reputation as a tech company

As we said before, Apple has had ups and downs. But in those times that they managed to achieve success with one of their products, they did it in a spectacular way. Just to give an example, the impact caused by products such as the iPod, the Macintosh and many others marked milestones. Its functionality and innovation spoke for itself and allowed it to build the company’s fame.

2. Creates reliability in its consumers

Although Apple has been criticized out for being very expensive, there’s evidence that justifies this. Journalist and technological entrepreneur James Mowery, wrote an article about it. Where he described his experience regarding products, quality and customer service. Explaining in an impartial way that the company managed to generate confidence in its products and services.

3. It seeks to add options not available before in the market

Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview with Fast Company that one of the company’s incentives was to add new things. Namely, allow the user to do things that they couldn’t do (or that were complicated to do in general) with other technological products. Citing the iPhone X as an example the and its Portrait Lightning feature along with other benefits aimed for developers.

4. Has one of the best customer service systems

Apple is known for being a company that seeks at all costs to maintain its customers happy. And when it comes to technical problems or other inconveniences, it seeks to resolve a customer’s dilemma without causing a hassle. Quoting Mowery’s article again, he explains that Apple repaired or replaced his products for free and despite having run out of warranty.

5. It knows how to take risks wisely

Other features that make this company great are its ability to take risks. One of the times they showed it was in 2007 with the launch of the first iPhone. Which wasn’t accepted immediately for not having a physical keyboard. But people eventually began to slowly watch the effectiveness of the product and it ended up being a success in the market.

6. Doesn’t seek to improve technology, but quality of life

Quoting Tim Cook again he explains that for Apple, technology is only a background. And that its main objective is to change the world for the better, infusing humanity into its products. In his opinion, these are values ​​that he and his company take very seriously and are more important than the mere fact of developing new products.

Tim Cook on Apple
Tim Cook has said that Apple’s humane philosophy is “the goal that drives everybody to keep working ungodly hours and trying to do the best work of our lives.” Source: Libertad Digital

Not everyone can agree on a single opinion regarding Apple. A company that has both followers and detractors around the world. But nonetheless, it’s one of those that still stands with great capabilities and an indisputable legacy. Which always leaves so much to the expectation of what will its next technological inventions be.

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Will Apple still be a technological leader in the future…?