You love writing, so much so that you have a written text that you want to transform into a book, however, you do not have the resources to finance production. This is when you can turn to crowdfunding to finance your book

One of the most common dreams of people is to write a book and see this title on the shelves of bookstores. However, every day it is more difficult to publish a book through a publisher, but it is not impossible, only that you have to have very well defined if you plan to publish with a publisher or self-publish.

Currently there are many ways to get funding for a book, but one of the most attractive is the crowdfunding, since you have direct contact with your readers and you can prepare the pre-sale of your title.

How To Publish a Book with Crowdfunding 1

What will you finance?

The publication of a book includes a long list of activities and actions, plus if you send your work to a publisher, they have to pay a whole team of workers to publish your book. This process includes from the layout to the distribution of your title.

The best thing is to conduct a research of publishers and create a budget of cost cost to print copies and based on what you need to carry out a crowdfunding campaign to finance what is missing for the sale of your book.

Have a community

Every writer must have a blog here your community can see what you write, so you generate more interest in your community about your book. Take advantage of this space to promote your crowdfunding campaign. Having a blog also serves to create an image as a writer and that your audience knows your way of writing.

To increase your community seek support from other people and other writers who deal with issues similar to yours, they will help to increase the patrons of your campaign.

How To Publish a Book with Crowdfunding 2

Communicate at all times

Licreatura Web recommends that the key to success is to be willing to communicate at all times. Crowdfunding campaigns last from 30 to 90 days which is a season in which you have to maintain contact with your potential donors so that they decide to collaborate with your literary work.

To do this, it involves online communication, through your blog and your social networks and offline, creating events and talking to your acquaintances about your campaign.

Create attractive rewards

Create incentives for your contributors, from bookmarks, the version in e-book or a volume autographed by you can be striking rewards to your contributors. That’s if you try to work on the design of your cover to invite your community to read your book.

When you make a reward system you encourage your patrons much more to help you reach the goal of your campaign.

How To Publish a Book with Crowdfunding 3

Publishing is a book is a process that involves tears and smiles, but if you propose to create a crowdfunding campaign it is very safe to see your work come true and on the shelves of bookstores. Do you already have your manuscript prepared? So what do you expect to bring it to light? Use crowdfunding

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If you have a friend writer you can share this post with him so he can publish his book with a crowdfunding campaign.

Crowdfunding is the solution to finance your book