Do you need more promotion for your crowdfunding campaign? Trust the press. Publish information about your crowdfunding in the media is key when disseminating your project and getting patrons. Keep reading.

When you create a crowdfunding campaign, you are against the clock, all your efforts should be directed to search for patrons to collaborate with your campaign, for this you must search blogs, social networks, facebook groups and contact media that are interested in your campaign.

We must remember that the press (both digital and conventional) are massive means of communication, so these spaces can boost the advertising of your campaign effectively and this will translate into more contributors and customers for your project.

Locate Media

All crowdfunding campaigns must have a prior planning moment, at this stage you must select the media that may be interested in making the initiative known to its readers. These media can be selected by their scope, theme or region.

That is, if you have a local project you can find the contact of the most important or most read local press in your area, on the other hand, if you have a technological project, you could communicate with a media specialized in technology.

How The Press Can Help Me In My Crowdfunding Campaign 1

It is very important not to settle for a single medium, the ideal is to locate different communication companies and make contact with each of them to promote our initiative. Of course, do not confuse the exhibition in the media as mere publicity, because what we are looking for is to position our project through a press release and not with an advertisement.

Develop the press release

When communicating with communication companies, you must prepare a very special tool, called the press release, this will help the media and readers know what your initiative is about. Do not you know how to create one? Do not worry, follow our tips and you will see that it is very simple.

How The Press Can Help Me In My Crowdfunding Campaign 2
This is an example of how you can make your own press release
  • Start with a headline that impacts, this will be the title of your press release, so allow yourself to be as creative as possible
  • Then we have the header, this is a small paragraph that goes to the beginning of your note, here is a summary of your project, to make known the most essential of your idea.
  • Finally we have the body of the article that is where you develop in depth the information of your campaign, you can take three to four paragraphs to explain your project details and leave information to contact you or collaborate with your campaign.

And ready! You already have all the requirements to start looking for media. Remember to follow up on those who publish you and if you do not get any answers from a company that you are not afraid to insist. We hope you take advantage of the advantages that you can give your campaign in the media.

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