Crowdfunding campaigns let you know if your idea will be profitable, through the opinion of the masses, this makes it a very attractive field for developers, in this list you will know which are the most popular video games financed with crowdfunding.

Video games are one of the popular sectors in crowdfuding campaigns, they are also great generators of money in these platforms. For example, in 2017, videogame developers managed to generate more 25 million dollars with new projects.

The figures indicate that around 350 games were successfully financed in 2017 according to, although this represents rather a fall of 9% compared to 2016, when more games were developed with collective financing. Even so, videogames on platforms are still talking.

As explained above, the collective financing platforms represent an opportunity for the creators of video games, since by presenting their idea they can measure the level of success or relevance that it may have and at the same time be financed. In other words, if the campaign is successful, the idea was valid and in the market, otherwise it would be necessary to reconsider details in the campaign or the value proposal and try again.

The most popular video games financed with crowdfunding 1

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These are examples of the most popular video games that managed to be financed with crowdfunding.

Ashes of Creation

This is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that happens in a world of high fantasy. The objective of the game is to create civilizations that are guided by the decisions of the player while exploring the wonderful landscapes designed with the high resolution of the game.

Ashes of Creation quadrupled the goal of its campaign, collecting around 3.2 million dollars, so much was its popularity that the creators decided to extend the campaign one more month, so that all the followers could collaborate with the project, until new rewards were included. for the next collaborators.

Pillars of Eternity ll

Pillars of Eternity ll is a role-playing game (RPG) that embarks you on a journey through the high seas, where the protagonists will have the opportunity to learn about the new cultures and magical characters that surround this world. To this is added an interesting story and the opportunity to fight with the greatest villain Eothas, the god of light and rebirth,

The developers of the game, through their campaign, showed an RPG that surpasses its predecessor. Thus they raised 400% of the goal of their crowdfuding. Pillars of Eternity ll satisfies the expectations of the users, getting positive reviews of 9/10 in the web portals on videogames.

Torment: Tides of Numenera

The story develops the Numenera, a fantastic scenario written by Monte Cook, what stands out of this game is that it emphasizes the characters and their interactions with the main player, leaving in the background the object collection and the battles with the villains.

His campaign raised almost 4,200 million dollars, generated by 74,506 employees. Despite the fact that the campaign began at the end of 2014, due to a series of delays, the big fans of Torment: Tides of Numenara had to wait until February 2017 to test the experience of this new game.

Divinity: Original Sin

Fantasy games dominate this list and Divinity: Original Sin is no exception, the critics of this game announce that it is a fantasy RPG that surpasses any other for the freedom of actions and the diverse interaction with the environment. In addition, it allows players to have their own adventures and publish them on the net.

His campaign began on March 27, 2013 and was successfully funded by collecting one million dollars.


Last year, Yooka-Laylee broke records in the market, becoming one of the most popular games funded through a crowdfuding platform. The game is based on the modalities of a 20 year old game called Banjo-Kazooie that was available for the Nintendo 64 console, this adds a nostalgic touch to those who remember the previous version.

The game made a difference when I managed to finance myself in just 40 minutes, reaching its goal of $ 270,000. In the end, the campaign raised 2 million pounds, which far exceeds the amount of its goal. However, several youtubers were not satisfied with the game and received bad reviews

Even so, most of these games are the favorites of the gamers, and in general they have very good reviews, all thanks to the social and monetary imposed by crowdfunding. This shows how this type of financing can be adapted to almost any type of market.

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Crowdfunding and video games are the perfect mix