We have already seen how you can finance very absurd things with crowdfunding platforms, but none generated as much controversy as this potato salad. The funniest thing of all is that it was funded and the results unexpected.

The usual crowdfunging campaigns are to raise money for a foundation, a product or a business, but this was not the case. It was a person that a humble desire: a potato salad.

Then would you believe us if we told you that a person managed to raise $ 55,492 for wanting to eat a potato salad? Well that’s the funny story of Zack Danger Brown, creator of one of the most viewed campaigns of Kickstarter.

The rewards ranged from a simple photo with thanks, a bite of Zack’s potato salad, to a T-shirt that read “It’s just a potato salad”

The Most Popular Potato Salad On The Internet 1
Original Zack´s Campaing. Source: Cnet.

Actually it all started as a joke between friends, but none expected that they would get so much money. After this, Zack was committed to do something with all the money raised, in addition, he had to fulfill all the rewards he had established in the campaign.

The controversy

For Zack everything was a simple joke that escaped from his hands, but there were many people who did find this fact too absurd and bordering on the offensive. Zck’s idea was to receive $ 10. But term receiving more than $ 500,000.

Like everything on the internet, a series of criticisms and opinions have always been generated, for example, a user in the comments section wrote: “If you give money for a hipster to make his salad instead of donating money to cure cancer, they deserve die at the stake “,

On the other hand, the writer Ed Youn responded with a little more irony saying that he was going to propose another idea in Kickstarter: that all the people who supported the potato salad make a line to receive a slap.

The Most Popular Potato Salad On The Internet 2

The happy ending

At first Zack did not know what to do with such an amount of money and fortunately, he chose wisely. Another person would have kept the money for himself, but he did the opposite, organized a party for all the patrons and gave money to a foundation that fights against hunger.

This party was called Potato Stock and prepared 200 kg of potato salad for all the people who donated to the campaign.

But the joke does not end there, Zack still had to finish with what was prescribed in his last reward: the recipe book. After gathering a chef and a gastronomic photographer, I manage to make the recipe book with several ways to make a potato salad, from the most traditional to a blue cheese.

The Most Popular Potato Salad On The Internet 3
Book of recipes called “Peace, Love and Potato Salad”. Source: Polygon

What can we learn from this?

As we said before, the creator could have done anything with the money, like buying a car or an apartment. But instead, he decided to use the money to continue the campaign, pay his contributors and help his community. Everything to fulfill his word.

Now, the creator of the campaign, who is actually a computer expert, is working on a much more serious and productive initiative, is the developer of a driver’s app that sets the price of his car insurance based on how he drives.

There is no doubt that any idea can be financed with crowdfunding, this is an example of this. It’s all about having a community that somehow identifies with your idea and knows how to respect it. This is what Zack Brwon did with his idea.

That is why in Solidaridad Latina we do not reject any idea, for us any one with effort has the opportunity to have a successful campaign.

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This is one of the most curious cases of crowdfunding, share it with a friend, sure you can get some smile.

With crowdfunding you can finance up a potato salad