The Latin American community has a lot to show when it comes to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs and leaders have now grown to create new projects increasing market opportunities in the continent. Keep reading to discover what the Latin region offers in entrepreneurship.

Unlike countries such as Spain, Latin America has the characteristic that it has little capital but many business opportunities as indicated by EBN Capital.

The continent’s entrepreneurial potential lies in its own population, since 59% of Latin American inhabitants are positioned as possible entrepreneurs, as indicated by an analysis conducted by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM).

The Opportunities Of The Entrepreneurial Market in Latin America 1

Entrepreneurship brings a lot of advantages for any community, such as the generation of jobs and the ability to generate assets for internal and external investors, all this is reflected in progress for the country. That is why it is quite positive that the opportunities for entrepreneurship are increasing in Latin America.

But this change has not been generated alone, much less by chance. The changes in management in several governments has allowed the laws to be more compatible with the generation of new businesses, also the creation of more business incubators has helped has positioned several emerging projects.

Entrepreneurship opportunities in Latin America

Latin America represents a great variety of cultural and social differences, however that is not a problem, on the contrary it is a factor that drives entrepreneurship in the region.

In addition, the collaborative policies have been of great support for all the nations of the continent. These alliances are between the same countries the nation and countries of other continents, among the external collaborators with greater popularity is Spain, thanks to the close relationship that the markets keep.

The Opportunities Of The Entrepreneurial Market in Latin America 2

But what stands out in the continent, are the opportunities that are opening up to Startups and the change of interest has increased in the last 5 years. For example, according to an OECD report in 2013, there was little interest in starting or creating companies, but by 2016 this had a positive change: interest in entrepreneurship changed thanks to the support of universities and the private sector.

Some sectors that stand out

Something that several Latin American countries have in common is that they are undertaking ICTs, which is why it is possible that this sector stands out very much in terms of entrepreneurship, every time more app and web pages are developed in the continent.

The Opportunities Of The Entrepreneurial Market in Latin America 3

Tourism and tourism infrastructure is another sector that is giving much to talk about in the region. What is not a surprise, since for anyone is a secret the beautiful landscapes found on the continent.

Third, but not least, we do not find the retail sector. Investment opportunities are found in small companies and not in large, highly regulated companies such as banks and telecommunications, that is, it is much better to bet on local entrepreneurs.

However, the volatility of some countries such as Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela are roles that play against entrepreneurship, but there are countries that have been able to point towards good strategies to improve their economy such as Peru, Chile, Argentina and Colombia, these 4 countries They are the favorites of foreign investors.

The Opportunities Of The Entrepreneurial Market in Latin America 4

The Latin American is characterized by being patient and resilient, if it is maintained in this way and support is continued among other countries we will see the growth and consolidation of a great continent.

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