On several occasions, experts have argued that crowdfunding could save journalism. Both the traditional and its more modern counterpart. In the world, there are several newspapers printed or through the Internet that allow you to use crowdfunding to survive. Today you’ll know several examples.

Newspapers and crowdfunding

Maintaining a website optimal and in service is expensive. Paying for newspaper printing on a daily basis is expensive. So is also getting writers or journalists to offer their time to write news or opinion articles. It’s possible that this is one of the reasons why digital and printed newspapers resort to crowdfunding. In order to save their businesses. These 4 examples prove it quite well.

Crinkling News

In 2017, a national newspaper for children and adolescents located in Australia was in danger. Crinkling News almost had to close due to severe economic problems. This led them to start an emergency crowdfunding campaign requesting the help of Australians. One of the reasons they were very successful was to emphasize that they would have to close if they did not succeed. They were miraculously saved, since managed to raise the goal of $200,000 with 8 hours left.

They thanked people on Twitter and all those who supported them. Thanks to the support of many people, they managed to continue working for another year. It’s worth highlighting the strong problems that have arisen for journalism in Australia during recent years. With more than 2,500 journalism jobs lost since 2011.

De Correspondent

Rob Wijnberg is a Dutch columnist, journalist, philosopher and publicist, creator of De Correspondent. Which is basically a digital newspaper for investigative journalism. Wijnberg started a crowdfunding campaign to be able to finalize the realization of this page. It should be noted that in less than 24 hours he managed to raise more than half of the initial goal. But not only that, in the end he and his team raised about $1.3 million outstandingly. This newspaper is not like any other, since it doesn’t work with a daily news cycle. But with in-depth coverage and in a chronological way of diverse subjects.

The success of this initiative marked a milestone in the history of journalism. Since several other newspapers have adopted this same way of working. As is the case with the German digital newspaper Krautreporter.

Rob Wijnberg Crowdfunding
Rob Wijberg, creator and founder of the digital newspaper De Correspondent. Source: Villamedia

The Torch

This is a digital and printed newspaper from the St. John’s University in New York, United States. Specifically in the province of Queens. The Torch is an university newspaper that has almost 100 years of experience. As a printed newspaper, they’ve gone through bad times and a lot of financial need. After the arrival of the digital era, this newspaper continues to struggle to survive. And keep itself on sale and available for the students that make up the university campus. After always relying on school funds and risking budget cuts and censorship, they decided to fight for their independence.

Although they haven’t reached their goal, they managed to raise much more than half of it. Thanks to the help of various students, teachers and others, they raised $4,190 to date. The money collected is mainly used to pay debts and keep the newspaper active.

The Torch Crowdfunding
University students representing newspaper The Torch. Source: Support student journalism at SJU


This is a digital newspaper directed by Venezuelan journalist Damaso Jimenez. As many will already know, Venezuela is currently going through a period of severe economic crisis. The media of this country report suffering from censorship, intolerance and arbitrary closures. BienDateao is a digital newspaper that faces these adversities. Among them are the costs of web hosting and the hiring of journalists, designers and community managers.

The main objective of this campaign was earning funds for the maintenance of the website. Web hosting, hiring journalists and qualified staff. But above all, be a news website from Venezuelans for Venezuelans. This is the pitch video of its campaign:

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