You’ve just started your crowdfunding campaign and at the same time the problems begin. You get little or no contributions in the first days and things don’t go as you expected. Are you sure you did not make a mistake? Let’s review, today we’ll tell you 6 things that you should never do in crowdfunding.

What you should never do in crowdfunding

Being an innovative financing method, many people have used crowdfunding for their own benefit. The only bad thing is that most of them ignore some mistakes that are common between beginners. And more often than not they end up committing them, thus ruining their chances of getting money.

In this case, it’s important that everyone knows some things that should NEVER be done in a crowdfunding campaign:

1. Ask for more money than you need

A very common mistake is to believe that we’re free to ask for any amount of money to get financed. Says Toñi Herrero, communication director of Barcelona Tech City, who also adds that it’s better to pursue a more realistic and reasonable goal. Because a very high one can make you lose credibility.

2. Create few or no perks

Not having perks or offering very few is a fatal mistake in a crowdfunding campaign. People won’t be so interested in the fact that you want to do your project as what they can get by giving you financing. Crowdfunding is not about asking for money, but about creating an inviting experience for people.

3. Not do marketing before launching your campaign

Even if your campaign is not necessarily to create a product or a brand, you still have to do some marketing. Firas Kitanneh, CEO of Amerisleep, explains that very few campaigns achieve success through the promotion of friends, family and word-of-mouth. And that it’s convenient to create a marketing plan to be carried out during the campaign.

4. Not include a pitch video

Andrew Schrage, co-founder of Money Crashers, says that “videos are an essential part of any campaign, the theme may be the impetus of the campaign, a description of what your business does or something else.” And he adds that it’s vital to include them, because this will increase the chances of success.

5. Not create a network of followers

Not having a group of people who are connected to your crowdfunding campaign is like going to war with no chance of winning. Everyone starts with their family and friends, but it’s necessary to go further. Create a growing network of people who back your campaign and are interested in seeing it progress. Preferably long before launching it.

6. Ignore what it means to crowdfund

According to the CEO of MageMail, Erik Bullen, some people “begin crowdfunding without even understanding what costs are involved, from transaction fees to the shipment of physical products.” Therefore, you should consider the delivery of perks and your duty to fulfill what you promise to your backers.

The more you can avoid these mistakes, the greater your chances of success are. Don’t neglect these aspects, treat your audience well, be cautious when conducting your crowdfunding campaign. You have to remember that it’s about requesting money from people who need a good reason to do so.

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Now then, avoid making these mistakes in your crowdfunding campaign!