A leader has the quality to make decisions and inspire the participation of their team, but sometimes we assume that they must do things that aren’t really important. Do you know what they are? Here we’ll teach you the most common myths and realities about leadership that you should know.

1. A leader is born, it’s not done.

While it’s true that some people have the ability to be innate leaders, it’s totally false that a leader isn’t made, since being a leader depends basically on the person’s attitude and development person. Many leaders have emerged after going through situations or strong circumstances, such as failing in other companies.

2. You must have a degree to lead.

Many people prefer that their “work leaders” are graduates with a broad curriculum in hand. And the truth is that to lead you just need to know how to do it and when it should be appropriate to be, since a leader creates a concrete approach of the ideas and opinions of your team.

3. Leadership is based on age.

Sometimes this is incorrect, since a young person with sufficient mental maturity can have leading qualities. And others may have gone through situations that taught them to be leaders.

4. Leadership goes hand in hand with ambition.

It’s accurate to say that a leader seeks a greater good, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You just have to keep in mind that when the leader focuses only on obtaining their own benefits, they’re not exercising good leadership.

5. Leaders don’t delegate important things.

Error. A leader is responsible for delegating tasks to all members of their team equally, so that everyone can participate and do their best in all the corresponding areas of the company or organization.

6. A leader isn’t wrong.

False. A leader is responsible for making complicated decisions and sometimes, venturing to experiment with them. That’s why, like any person, a leader can make a wrong decision. What’s really important is that they must take the consequences and guide others towards the search for solutions.

Be innovative, stay in favor of change, observe the work of your team delegates, make corrections if necessary, motivate others and be a good leader.

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