Who does not like movies? It is very difficult not to marvel at the magic of cinema, this art is capable of generating thousands of emotions, mourn, laugh, even, can motivate us to undertake and pursue our dreams.

Those of us who pursue our dreams know that it is not an easy road, that there are many ups and downs, but only those with sufficient perseverance are able to reach the goal. For this reason, seeing real or fictional stories is the kind of material that inspires entrepreneurs to keep going over all obstacles.

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These films, although they are very different stories, have something in common: they are a reflection of constancy that inspires us to make our projects a reality.

Steve Jobs (2015)

We all know the brand of manzanita, we also know its creator for his empathic speeches and his way of presenting his products, a film of it is a great way to know the story of a great success like Steve Jobs was.

This film, starring Michael Fassbender, shows the background of each invention and how it grew as a leader with each experience. At first, he does not succeed, but little by little his strategy improves to become the character he is.

Joy: The name of Success (2015)

Joy is the classic example that success does not come easily, nor to the first. This film is about a middle class woman with an average job, who tired of their common life and motivated by their relatives decides to do something they always wanted to do: invent.

The real drama begins when Joy (played by Jennifer Lawrence) wants to launch a mop class on the market that makes life easier for housewives, since it can drain without the need to get your hands wet. The product is a success, but the business world is fierce, so Joy must confront those people who want to benefit at the cost of their success.

A family movie that you can enjoy with your loved ones and leave with a new expectation to fulfill your dreams

Flash of a Genius (2008)

Like a fight between David and Goliath, this is the film that portrays Robert Keaners, a father of a family in the legal fight for the recovery of his invention: the windshield wiper, with which several entrepreneurs were becoming millionaires about his idea.

Many would think that it is very difficult to fight with the big ones, but not Keaners teaches us that we should not be intimidated by this. He seeks justice without fatigue until he manages to obtain it.

Chef  (2014)

Sometimes working in a successful business but restricting your creativity does not make an artist happy, this happens to chef Carl Casper. For that reason he decides to renounce the Los Angeles restaurant and start his own business selling Cuban food.

The most inspiring of this film is to see how Carl recovers his passion for what he likes to do most, cooking. It also shows something very important, that entrepreneurship is not achieved alone, but is reached by supporting and involving your loved ones as your family and friends.

It is a movie with actors of great renown, who has a fresh style and a bit of Latin humor.

Erin Brockovich (2000)

Erin Brockovich is a singular character (and played beautifully by Julia Roberts), from its low resources achieves something big. And not to enrich herself, but to help an outside community, which makes the most altruistic history of this list.

The story centers on Erin who is a single mother of three who had an average office job as a billing attorney. Through his work he discovers something that catches his attention, a community with large records of diseases that lives very close to an industrial zone. With the help of a lawyer he manages to gather enough demands to cover with compensation for the inhabitants of this region.

This film teaches you not to underestimate the origins of a person, since it does not matter where you come from if you have a lot of consistency in what you want to achieve.

We can not fail to mention great movie classics that also serve as inspiration for anyone, including Rocky and in Search of Happiness, whose history encourages you and leave you with a good taste in your mouth.

To start you also need to create an attitude and a positive thinking so if you watch inspiring movies your brain will get enough information to achieve your dreams.

We invite you to see these movies with your friends, if you wish you can share this post with them to choose which is the next movie they will see when they meet with friends.

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Stories that will motivate you to undertake