We have already explained that age is not an obstacle to start, you can be successful being very young if you have an innovative idea that revolutionizes the market.

One of the quintessential examples of entrepreneurs who started their business from a very young age are Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg who started the early 20 years. No need to talk about the success of Apple or Facebook to know that both came out triumphant.

Now there are more entrepreneurs who have successfully launched their product to the market, we are talking about the founders of Stripe and Snapchat, who do not exceed 30 years  old.

Ben Towers

The youngest of the list is 19 years old, none of its customers doubt their ability because of their age, since it generates fruitful results. He was named the smartest kid on the planet by Times magazine. Ben Tower, from the United Kingdom, created a marketing company called Towers Desing and is now one of the most important young entrepreneurs in his country.

Although his idea was scorned in high school by teachers and classmates, this did not stop him. What was not even expected was that his idea was to bill millions of pounds. In fact, according to The Sun newspaper, turnover of 3.5 million pounds is expected by the end of 2018.

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“At the end of the day, in about 20 years, young people will be the leaders, we will be at the top of big campaigns, so why not better start programs so that the best young leaders” Ben Towers

Evan Spiegel

Evan Spiegel, 28, is the co-founder of snapchat, the application to send images and messages that will be deleted after 10 seconds. This young man has a profit of 2.9 billion dollars per month, according to Forbes magazine.

His life can be a scandal for the media for his outings with women of the runway and cars of last models, but, otherwise to what you can think, Spiegel is not obsessed with money in fact, he says that life It is not to make money, but to make an impact on it.

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“Life is really about making an impact on the world, about changing the way people experience the world, the way you experience the world.” Evan Spiegel

Bobby Murphy

Bobby Murphy, 29, is also co-founder of Snapchat, an app that receives 170 million downloads daily. He joined Spiegel in the fraternity of Stanford University in 2011. Together they made one of the most influential social networks on the continent.

Unlike his friend Spiegel, he is much more discreet with his personal life, so much so that magazines like Vanity Fair, dare to say that Murphy is the mastermind behind the application. His earnings in 2016 exceeded five billion dollars and is ranked # 11 among the richest people in America under 40 years.

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“We were not cool, so we created things that were cool” Bobby Murphy

John and Patrick Collison

John Collinson, 27, and Patrick Collison, 29, are known for the payment platform, Stripe, an idea with which they managed to conquer Silicon Valey. His fortune holds about 2,200 million dollars, according to the newspaper the Millennium. Surely, their parents feel very proud of them.

After a trip to South America, they came up with the idea of ​​a digital mechanism to make payments, which is how in 2011 they founded Stripe, PayPal’s main competition. Despite the short time, its application is in 27 countries of the world and has alliances with large companies such as Apple, Visa, Alibaba, among others.

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“One of the important lessons of the Internet is that it is easy to do things. For that reason, technologies like Amazon are very important. Even if they are not technically impressive, they make things easy to do “Patrick Collison.

Do not underestimate anyone because of their age, because we could take a big surprise. In youth there are many fresh and innovative ideas, you just have to give them the opportunity to undertake. That’s why in Solidaridad Latina we have a tool that helps finance emerging businesses to boost the dreams of young people. (If you want to know what’s this about click here).

With the testimony of these young people, we can realize that success is a matter of working with perseverance and not getting carried away by negative comments. To have a lot of desire to change the world is what is necessary to be successful.

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