Crowdfunding has been an exorbitant success all over the world. So much so that many projects have surpassed millions of dollars in revenue. And in some cases that was not the goal of the campaign. Some surpassed the millions asking for much less than that. Today you’ll know which are (for the time being) the most financed crowdfunding campaigns in the world.

Highly financed campaigns ?

The expectations surrounding these projects were extremely high. You’ll be able to realize that some of them involved great advances in technology and very prominent videogame titles. Now, let’s take a look at the campaigns that managed to raise more money from all over the world until now:

Pebble Time ⌚

An invention of 2015 takes this place. Designed by the Pebble Technology, it was perhaps the best-selling smartwatch in the world during its time. Its first version, known simply as Pebble, went on sale in 2013. The crowdfunding campaign that was made for it raised $10.3 million. What made it one of the most funded projects of the moment. Pebble Time is the second generation of the smartwatch series and comes with several features. Pebble can connect to Android and iOS phones, and use Bluetooth to run native apps.

Although Pebble Time stopped selling in 2016, it doesn’t take away the fact that its campaign raised $20,338,986. All before an original goal of $500,000.

Pebble Time Crowdfunding
Source: CNET

Glowforge ?

This is an invention that is defined by its creators as “a 3D laser printer”. This allows you to capture and cut designs of all kinds as desired. It’s possible to use the printer to cut materials via laser and at the same time paint on them. From cardboard, metal and even solid substances such as chocolate can be cut to make figures or be painted. Glowforge has the ability to detect almost any material that is introduced inside it. Basically, it allows to cut, engrave and shape all kinds of designs in almost any material.

Its campaign was independent and it managed to raise $27,907,995 compared to its original goal, which was just $100,000.

Elio Motors ?

This was another independent crowdfunding campaign. It’s about an automobile design company based in the United States. It’s mainly known for its three-wheeled cars with futuristic designs. Its project was based on creating a car of three wheels that could go to 84 miles per gallon (MPG). By October 2016, the Elio Motors campaign was well received and the company reported having 60,000 reservations for the future automobile. Its goal was to reach 65,000 reservations. Those who had made a reservation beforehand, could buy the vehicle for $7,000. After the promotion, the base price of the vehicle was set to $7,450.

The company’s efforts paid off and for that, they raised a total of $102,000,000.

Elio Motors Crowdfunding
Source: Green Card Reports

Star Citizen ?

A videogame takes this last place. In less than a month, its creator, Chris Roberts, managed to raise millions of dollars. It should be noted that Roberts is a famous film director and videogame developer. Creator of the Wing Commander franchise. Now then, Star Citizen is a massively multiplayer, space trading and combat game. The game is still in its development stage but it had several independent crowdfunding campaigns in 2013. Which exceeded all expectations. The first one managed to raise $9,061,882 until Roberts decided to continue from his website.

Currently it has managed to raise $178,041,732 and these numbers continue to increase. Even when its goal was only $500,000 at the beginning. Its success in crowdfunding won its creator an appearance in the Guinness World Records.

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