In such a digitalized world, no organization or non-profit foundation can dispense with a web page, they are already useful to provide information on activities and to obtain funds for your initiative, so discover how to obtain more donations through your page web.

As the Wild Apricot portal indicates, you have to think of the website as a personal assistant in which you have to adapt to receive donations more frequently. In other words, the website should make the donation process much easier and human so that anyone can make their contribution.

The actions to receive donations through your website range from having the necessary information to having a port with easy usability. The easier the platform is to use, the more people will be interested in making their donations.

How To Get More Donations Through Your Website 1

An easy-to-use website

The usability refers to how simple to use is a web platform, then when creating or designing our page we must focus on this aspect. To do this we must ensure that the page is organized and can go to the section to donate or in another instance have a call to action (we’ll talk about this later).

How To Get More Donations Through Your Website 2

Provide the necessary information

Every person who visits your page needs to be clear about the purpose of your project or what your foundation is about. The best thing you can do is provide information to your users so they can know more about the proposal, for this you can place a section of “Who are we?” That explains the value proposition of your business.

It is also useful to place a news section so that future contributors can see the activities they perform in your organization or foundation.

How To Get More Donations Through Your Website 3

Humanize the payment process

The more similar the process is to a physical purchase, the more encouraged the donors will be to make their contributions. The way to achieve this is by making a form asking for the data of the contributors, can not miss the phone number, the email. In addition to this, you can make sure that after making a donation they receive a receipt or a thank you message.

How To Get More Donations Through Your Website 4

A clear call to action

What can not be missing in a website dedicated to collecting donations, is a call to action. From the content of the main page, the message must call to make contributions. A good strategy is to get a special button that directs the navigators to the donations section or to the crowdfunding campaign.

How To Get More Donations Through Your Website 5

A web page should serve as a link to your community, that is why it is so important to work on the usability of the page and to facilitate the collaboration of your community with your idea. With these tips you will see how the amount of contributions to your project increases.

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