They are rich with a good heart. Sometimes such wealth and power could bring greed blinding people from the world’s problems. However, this is not the case of these millionaires who have donated fortunes to social causes.

There is no doubt that these people have a very charitable spirit, because, instead of leaving that money to their inheritance, they decided to leave it to noble causes, generating a positive impact in their community. This means that these millionaires are aware of the good they can do to the world with the fortune they have.

How Millionaires Support Social Causes 1

Examples of kind millionaires

Some donate more than half of the shares, others decide to found foundations, but all are examples of not allowing yourself to be blinded by success and money. You can always think of others. Let’s see these examples:

Warren Buffett

The American investor and entrepreneur, ceo of Berkshare Hathaway, has a current wealth of 62.3 million dollars. It is even considered that this man owns the fourth greatest fortune in the world. Throughout his life he has donated 21.5 million dollars, which is equivalent to 39% of his estate.

One of the foundations she has contributed the most to is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (we will talk about her later). Money also devotes it to poverty, health and education. For him, charity is like an investment to which he must get the maximum return.

How Millionaires Support Social Causes 2

Pierre Omidyar

The founder of Ebay, Pierre Omidyar, will not leave his fortune to his children, but will dedicate it to charity. Currently holds $ 8.1 billion, a huge amount of money. He is also a member of the Giving Pledge Foundation and has pledged to donate his money to most of his philanthropic works.

Both he and his wife consider that their family owns much more of the money than they could ever need, so consider that there is no need to save large sums of money if it can help solve the world’s problems.

How Millionaires Support Social Causes 3

Mark Zuckenberg

Mark Zuckenber, the youngest of the list, has a fortune amounting to 63,500 million dollars thanks to his famous website Facebook.

Right after the birth of his daughter, he and his wife started the Chan Zuckenberg Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to personalized learning, the cure of diseases and the development of strong communities. This foundation will dedicate 99% of the shares to this foundation.

How Millionaires Support Social Causes 4

Bill Gates

Bill Gates and his wife are the most charitable of this list. They are the creators of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, an organization dedicated to fight against diseases such as AIDS and poverty in the world, working with other organizations such as UNICEF.

The wealth of Microsoft’s founder is 83.4 million dollars, of which he has donated 27 million dollars.

How Millionaires Support Social Causes 5

Many of these super rich have decided to leave their money to charity before donating it to their children, since they consider that the best they can do is let their children find their own way and leave that money to create a better world for them.

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Millionaires with a good heart